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  1. SOLD. Motorsport Tech 23/25mm wheel spacers

    Located in Rockledge 32955 $150 shipped $125 picked up
  2. Florida MOTORSPORT TECH 23/25mm wheel spacers

    Located in Rockledge, Fl 32955 $150 shipped $125 picked up
  3. Florida WTB: Manual Shift Boot w/Red

    Let me know. Shipped to 32955
  4. Florida WTB: Manual Shift Boot w/Red or White stitching

    WTB: Manual Shift Boot w/Red or White stitching
  5. Need someone to replace my evaporator

    Well just hit 13,500 miles on my garage kept barely seen rain 15 GT. AC gone. Would like a trusted mechanic preferably on my side by Melbourne/ Cocoa or even Orlando.
  6. GT JLT intake and SCT X4

    Would like to sell local. Not interested in shipping at this time. Located between Melbourne and Cocoa. $400 for whole package Text preferred 301-751-3492 Herby
  7. JLT & SCT X4 for sale

    Prefer not to ship. Located between Melbourne and Cocoa. $400 for whole package Text preferred 301-751-3492 Herby
  8. My Grille Lights and hood scoop

    I am horrible about taking pictures. Always say I need to take more pics.. But never do. Anyways, someone posted this pic from a Cars and Coffee meet online. I installed the grille with lights and tinted the lights. I also installed the Roush hood scoop I have had laying around for a year. Not...
  9. WTB; 20mm or 23mm spacers

    Looking for a set of 20mm or a pair of 23mm. Shipped to Florida. :thumbsup:

    Nobody returns calls when promised! I have called 5 times. Talked to 3 different people. I need an installation hardware, and template for my hood scoop! Why is it sooo hard to get some help?:mad::frusty:
  11. Roush Hood scoop Template/ Hardware

    I lost my mounting kit for my scoop. I know you can print the template off Roush website. But, I can’t print it big enough. Anyone have anything? Nuts, template...:hail:
  12. Can’t get rear camber!

    BMR performance springs and front camber bolts. I used a buddy’s alignment rack. I loosened the cam bolt and tried to use a pry bar. When I started it was -2.4 on rear. I pried, I pulled on the top of the tire, I tried to use the toe adjustment to maybe pull the bottom of the tire in. Nothing...
  13. What grit paper or disc?

    I am thinking of opening the holes up on the whole grille. I do not want a delete. I like the honeycomb look. I already installed mesh vents in the hood to prepare for the added air flow. For those that have done this.. what did you use to grind back of grille plastic?

    Prefer white code YZ but will take other colors. Shipped to Florida 32955 Thanks:cheers:

    I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. :cheers:
  16. Who is excited for Christmas?

    I won't be able to sleep tonight. I have a 9 and a 4 1/2 year old girls. The 9 told us last year that she didn't think Santa was real anymore(damn society). We told her the truth but explained that Santa is more than a person. It is a feeling. She is as excited this year as her younger sister...
  17. Fast Equipment lift dealer in Ft Myers

    I put a small deposit on a 4 post at the Turkey Run. Anyone deal or heard of them?Need the good and bad.
  18. What about us convertible guys?

    I have noticed a lot of wheel hop when getting on my car hard. What have other convertible owners used. I now we are limited(finally got jacking rails). I was told BMR cradle lockout kit will work if I don't use the front supports. But I have a problem spending that money and not being to use...
  19. What can us convertible owners do to stop the hop?

    Need help. Everything I found in search was not for convertibles. :frusty:
  20. H-PIPE and cat back for Roush- SOLD

    I have a stainless H-pipe and stock exhaust cut for the Roush A/B. Looking to sell local. Not interested in shipping at this moment. SOLD:cheers: