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  1. Does anyone know how to replace drivers side mirror

    I was backing out of my garage and clipped my mirror :headbonk: , it is all busted up, I want to remove it to see the part # and replace it. Luckily the dib cap is okay, it popped off, just need everything else :frusty: I took the door panel off, and removed the square tape covering, but...
  2. Question about trade-in

    Today I went and ordered a Gt with 5oth AP in DIB with X-plan. They appraised my car and offered me more than I expected. They asked if they could take my car now or it would be 600 less by the time the new car arrives, Has anyone ever done this? I don't need the car since I also have an...
  3. GT Racing 2 update now has 2015 Mustang

    FYI, Just downloaded the 1.3 update for gt racing 2 on the App Store and it has the 2015 mustang. You can change the color and also drive in inside drivers view. I believe it's on the google play store also.