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  1. All 2019 & 2020 GT350 and 350R Missing Right Hand Fuel Tank Shield - Anyone know why?

    OP, my 2019 looks exactly as yours. I think, if you want to try, the right part number for passenger side is FR3Z-9B007-B
  2. Steeda vs Ford Camber Plates

    That is my experience too. The FP plates will go almost as far as possible without cutting the strut towers. I do not see how you could get to -3 without doing that anyways as the shocks are about 1/8" of the strut tower edge at -2.4 in my case.
  3. Tranny Fluid Choice (Motul)

    I am now running ACDelco 10-4014 with BG MGC. It shifts better than stock especially when it gets hot where I felt the stock fill was most deficient (getting too thin). I might try the XT11QDC next since this is what is the factory fill on my Fiesta ST as well and that car transmission always...
  4. Part # Needed

    Air dam to reorient air flow around the rear tire Lots of other cars have similar parts actually.
  5. Georgia Michelin PS4S 305/30/19 and 325/30/19 tires set low miles

    I have a low miles set of Michelin PS4S tires. Fronts 305/30/19 and rears 325/30/19. I am asking for $1200 and prefer local pickup. I will ship at buyers expense.
  6. Trustworthy alignment shop in the Atlanta metro area?

    Unfortunately that is par for the course in my experience with shops specialized in Mustangs around here. Nice people but the work does not match that. I still use the same shops I used to use for BMW and I have been super happy. The challenge I have now is they do not do alignments so I have...
  7. Trustworthy alignment shop in the Atlanta metro area?

    I stuck with GTE too from my BMW days and they are very good. I still go there with all my other cars and I am also on the north side of the metro. Thanks for the tip! I will check them out.
  8. Trustworthy alignment shop in the Atlanta metro area?

    Anyone else using any other good shops?
  9. Trustworthy alignment shop in the Atlanta metro area?

    Thanks. Do they know how to deal with add ons like camber plates? I normally use GTE in Chamblee but this car is too low to get into their parking lot.
  10. Trustworthy alignment shop in the Atlanta metro area?

    I am trying to do an alignment for my 350 and I am looking for a shop that does know what they are doing when it comes to custom alignment setups. I prefer someone on the north side of the metro but will drive for a good shop. Any ideas/recommendations?
  11. Forscan VDM ride height calibration for GT350

    I tinkered with a few things on my suspension where the service manual is recommending I run a VDM ride height calibration. I was reading that Forscan can actually do this (at least on Raptors). Has anyone tried to run the ride height calibration on a GT350 with Forscan? Or is a visit to the...
  12. GT350R carbon revolution paint code

    You are correct about the actual color Ford used. It does have the blue flakes (roof if black optioned and rear spoiler on the R). But AFAIK there is not touch up paint from Ford for that. The color code for shadow black is G1 and ebony black is UA. That Ford paint touch up stick...
  13. GT350R carbon revolution paint code

    And before anyone asks this is the same color you can use to touch up the rear carbon fiber spoiler.
  14. Anyone driven the supercharged V8 Blackwing?

    I drove the 6 speed CT5V BW. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It is like everyone said a very different experience. The suspension tuning is epic. To me that was the best part of it - given the size and weight, GM makes the car feel a class smaller. LT4 is a good match to the rest of the car. Gearing is...
  15. Anyone done business with Weir Racing?

    I did business with them too. Jordan was super helpful so far every time.
  16. Georgia 2018+ GT350R genuine Ford steering wheel - like new

    Apologies for the confusion but $360 is not going to work for a 2018+ wheel.