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  1. Tail Light Sequencer Causing Gallop Turn Signals

    So I just bought the Raxiom sequencers from AM and I've noticed that my turn signals are doing the same gallop sound when I installed the switchbacks. Is this a known issue? I can't find anything about it. It doesn't do it all the time but it is probably 25% of the time. Edit: Never mind! I...
  2. Has anyone traded their tail lights?

    I have the 50 year appearance package and am going for the race red/black theme. Has anyone ever traded those tail lights for the stock ones?
  3. Black out 50 Year LE?

    So I have a Race Red GT and looking to go for the black and red theme. What's the best way to do the tail lights? I have an idea for almost everything else and have already done quite a bit. Thoughts? I don't want to mess up anything to where I couldn't bring it back to stock if needed. TIA
  4. Rear Deck Lid Badge

    So I went to shut my trunk and the 50 year badge fell off. Looks like it snapped off in a few places and is still attached to the car. Only one actual hole is there(worried about rain getting in there). Do I just use tape/glue to put it back on?
  5. FS: 2015 Mustang GT Premium w/ PP - Race Red

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/5770140222.html hit me up for more details 803-412-5002
  6. Clutch popping out?

    So i drove to work today and noticed right before I pulled into the garage that the clutch has popped out further than normal. It has no "spring" feel when compressed until I get to the normal height of where the clutch used to be. My car has 6k miles and I drive like a grandma most of the time...
  7. 2015 Mustang GT Premium w/ PP

    Hi All, I'm looking to sell my Mustang GT since my family is growing now. This car is in perfect condition and only has 5,800 miles on it. It has both Premium and Performance Packages on it. The interior is the two tone white/black leather combo. It has Advanti Hybri rims using the stock PP...
  8. MBRP Street Exhaust (Aluminum)

  9. Has anyone seen this video?

    I'm not sure how old it is but thought it was funny, kind of.. https://www.facebook.com/DriverModTV/videos/1076867189003439/
  10. WTB: Black OEM hood inserts or Roush

    Looking to buy used or new hood inserts either Roush or OEM style will be fine. Must be black. Thanks!