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  1. California JMS pedal max

    Great condition. $160 shipped us.
  2. California Philips Norelco - S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver - SP9860/86

    anyone needs a really top of the line shaver? Bought 2 of them from my vitality points at work. they are brand new sealed. Retails for $329 each. $180 shipped in us.
  3. How does warranty work with ford?

    Is been about 6 months now since i took my car to the dealer to have the loose gas door fixed and I have been calling the dealer and ford service 1800 number and I am not getting any response. The dealer keeps telling me ford has to approve it and when I call ford they are telling me to contact...
  4. California Grimmspeed EXHAUST VALVE SIMULATOR

    Excellent working condition. $50 shipped in us.
  5. California FS. SOCAL 2018+ Tail lights OEM and Vland clear euro 5 mode

  6. Sold

  7. California Sold

  8. California NEW Motor sport tech 12MM spacers (pair)

    Brand New never used. Extremely high quality made here in USA. $60 shipped in us.
  9. California JLT V3 oil catch can

    Had this on my car for 10k miles and works great. Painted dark Ford blue. Paint is in good condition but you can always paint it whatever color you like. Make sure use high temp paint. Took it out and cleaned the filter and as you can see it is in like new condition. I installed a drain valve...
  10. Socal . WTB GT350 stock exhaust (non cut)

    Regular or R model. It needs to be complete non cut up.
  11. anyone bought stuff from ebay lately?

    I bought 2 items and i noticed on my card i was charged extra. called ebay and they said CA is charging tax starting OCT 1st for all the purchases made on ebay even if you buy it out of state.
  12. California FRPP red shift knob

    Good condition shift knob. 2 very very light scratches on the knob but you cant even barley see it at close up. Once installed you won't be able to see it at all. $40 shipped. Make sure not to force it and screw it all the way down. You can damage the top if you do.
  13. Nor Cal Wtb 305-35-19 mpss

    Need one tire. Let me know if you have any. Thanks
  14. What type of speaker is this?

    What is this piece of shit speaker here that keeps blowing on me? I know is like 3 or 3.5 inch and i replaced it 3 times now.
  15. California Sold

    Brand New never ever used. I cracked the round tape seal slowly to open it so I can take pictures and put the tape back on. Really a great radar with all new features. Sold shipped us.
  16. California Steeda (front) minimum drop springs

    https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/fs-socal-front-steeda-minimum-drop-spring.123020/ 200lbs 12.5mm drop. $65 shipped.
  17. Socal free gt350 rear springs.

    Pick up in Irvine.
  18. FS socal (FRONT) steeda minimum drop spring

    Bought these to try it out and took them off after the test drive. Located in Irvine. I am here until sat and moving back to norcal. $40 pick up.
  19. Removing wrinkles from seats

    At 10k miles my driver seat looks awful. How can I get rid of the wrinkles and keep it away from coming back.
  20. California 2017 GT350 rear seat belts and hardware

    Taken out at around 2000 miles. Never been used. Comes with the hardware for seatbelts and the rear seats. $120 shipped usa.