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  1. 12,000 miles with a ProCharger P1X

    😄 I’m close to 30k mi on my HO P1X varying between 12-15 psi. Still running strong but I think it’s due for a refresh soon.
  2. Texas MT ET Street R on Race Star Wheels

    I’m not technically in Austin. I’m at Ft Hood about 45 min north of Austin. But I’ll do 550 if you can meet somewhere near Austin?
  3. Texas MT ET Street R on Race Star Wheels

    500$? Meet halfway I’ll take it all.
  4. Texas MT ET Street R on Race Star Wheels

    Any interest in selling tires separate? I’m located in Austin.
  5. Boosted s550 mileage

    Bought at 32k, boosted at 37k (then 12lbs now 16lbs), currently 85k. Daily stock engine.
  6. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    I did one mid last year after having it for almost two years and the results were within the running averages of other cars. Little to no traces of chromium and aluminum in the oil.
  7. Rear clunking or rubbing after installing new suspension (video attached)

    Not to insult your intelligence but did you torque them down with the suspension under load?
  8. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    3 years. 30k miles procharged @14-16lbs. Tons of track passes and no OPGs. No failures with the power plant except the drivetrain. Broken axles and trans. Went BC3 and upgraded axles. However I will be doing upgrades to engine starting with head studs and since it’s already torn apart I might as...
  9. Whipple Cruise Calimer Stage 3 MT-82

    Needs a new tune because of the trans. Same thing happened when I installed mine and Lund sent me a new tune and it worked.
  10. 15 Mustang manual ordered stage 2 P1X Procharger. Any tips or insight?

    I agree with @Roush05 and would also add a 3 jaw puller for the crank pulley and a balancer install bolt to make it easier to reinstall the new balancer. You’ll probably need some new coolant also or just dump it all into a clean bucket.
  11. Any Calimer Mt-82 guys out there

    You can choose between a 23 spline or 26 spline. Stock mt82 is 23 spline.
  12. Any Calimer Mt-82 guys out there

    You get used to the noise to the point where I barely notice it sometimes. I’ve had my stage 3 for about 8k mi. I don’t think it really quiets down. It’s not as loud as everyone thinks it is, well at least I don’t think so but then again my corsas kind of masks over everything.
  13. Utah Misc Parts from a 2017 GT with 17K miles

    PM me details for payment and I’ll send money over today
  14. A/C compressor not spinning

    Good look but I found another one on this forum already. Thanks!
  15. Utah Misc Parts from a 2017 GT with 17K miles

    Really just want the compressor for the clutch because mine went out in this Texas heat. PM me a price.
  16. A/C compressor not spinning

    Or find one used.. these “street car” drag racers probably still have their ac compressors sitting on a shelf somewhere. That’s what I’m doing because mine went out also.
  17. Utah Misc Parts from a 2017 GT with 17K miles

    AC compressor available?
  18. Pennsylvania F.S.- CO 2015 GT. Procharged, Built MT-82, etc.. $40k.

    Pretty much the exact setup except mines a 6rib. GLWS for another garage built! ✊🏾
  19. Illinois St. Louis Metro-East FREE Long Tube Headers 2015+

    Damn.. if I wasn’t actively trying to stay away from the classifieds I would’ve seen this and drove up same day 😭
  20. N2MB

    Unless you want to bring your laptop everywhere. There’s a button on the box that you can do on the fly adjustments to your settings. I’m lazy and just tuck mine into the glove box so that when I’m adjusting setting I can reach over and grab it to press the button.