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  1. Secret to shorter 60’ mostly stock setup??

    Make alot of passes. Single best thing you can do is put in the seat time and make notes on what changes you made and how it reacted. Also, put some tires on the thing. THAT will make for some great 60's and alot more fun. I really wish I had done tires first and modded from there. Matt
  2. Do I need to re-angle my O2 sensors for E85?

    Ive put a couple thousand, all E85 miles on some SP longtubes without issue. I talked to a couple SP and SW owners with way more miles and they all said they were fine as well. Matt
  3. ET Street R Bias Ply tire pressure?

    BMR Sp080 springs and CB005 lockouts. I did that to help with the hop on street tires and make it look better. Obviously didnt hurt with the Bias Ply's! Matt
  4. ET Street R Bias Ply tire pressure?

    Ive gone as high as 5500rpm just dumping the clutch and it loves it. Matt
  5. Some 1/8 fun

    Only got one run in last night before getting rained out. New PB (slightly lol) but I was going to be a little more agressive next run but didnt happen. Next time! Matt
  6. ET Street R Bias Ply tire pressure?

    Ive been cutting 1.62-1.61 60's on 18psi with no sway or issues in the 1/8th with stock PP wheels and Continentals up front. Im still working my way up the RPMs on the launches but if it doesnt get much quicker then I might try 16psi and go from there. Matt
  7. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Only thing I can say is that I picked up a solid couple mph in the 1/8th mile vs the 15 manifold. Not a HUGE gain but its worth it especially for how cheap it is. I also made 450whp (JLT/FF tune/Catback/18 manifold) on a dyno that a stock GT with catback made 386 on right before my car. Matt
  8. Some 1/8 fun

    The back wheel is a 17x10 Bullitt style wheel I got super cheap locally. 28" Mickey Thompson ET Street R Bias Ply for the tire. Looooooooooove em. Matt
  9. Inconsistent Performance

    I went though a TON of hassle trying to get the IMRC's working. LOCK THEM OUT. No hassle there. Get a tune from a reputable tuner and you wont have a lick of hassle there either. The intake and a tune is worth every penny over stock hands down, without a doubt, would do it over again. Those...
  10. Inconsistent Performance

    What hassle? (honest question). They are cheap and easy to get ahold of (no hassle) The install is very straight forward. I did it twice to add lockouts (no hassle) LOCK IT OUT the first time and have a reputable tuner hook you up and itll run better than ever before (no hassle) I...
  11. Inconsistent Performance

    None what-so-ever! It actually runs better than the stock manifold ever did and I love the more linear throttle feel. No more light pulse or surge when the IMRCs are opening or closing. Lund Tuned and loving it. Matt
  12. Some 1/8 fun

    Havnt posted in here in forever but Ive been chipping away at my ET's every Tues that I can. This season I got into the 7.9x range with the JLT/FFtune/Catback on Continentals and ran a 7.8 on some Nittos. I added a 2018 manifold, used SP catted longtubes and FINALLY tossed the Bias Ply...
  13. Sluggish/Slower Coyote after Longtubes

    My "Butt Dyno" or SOTP meter as I saw it called earlier says the exact same thing with my GT. After the 18 manifold swap on stock exhaust manifolds I noticed the lower end torque drop but up top it would screeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaam. Added longtubes and the low end torque now feels better but it...
  14. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    I dont have pics but when the IMRC's are open they form a smooth wall with the runner. If you remove them entirely, there will be a large opening where they used to open into in order to sit flush with the wall. Matt
  15. Inconsistent Performance

    LOCK OUT THE MANIFOLD NOW!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT part it out over this, its the IMRC's being funky. Been there, fought it, locked out and am loving the car again! Also, like posted by others, check to make sure your headers and exhaust arent touching anything. I also just went through this and...
  16. Night at the Drag Strip 061318

    A friend of mine cuts 1.8 60s all day on Contitrac DWS06's. I think he runs 24-25psi in the rears but Im not 100% on that. Keep at it. You will find all the little tweaks you can to make it quicker! Thats the addicting part for me at least! Matt
  17. JLT cover

    I drilled the grill out, zip tied the snorkle to the JLT box and then beefed up the weather strip so it actually makes complete contact with the hood. In doing this my IAT's are 4-5 over ambient while cruising. I have a Big Mouth and a customcargrill mesh grill that Im going to do soon and...
  18. Road trip!!

    These cars are GREAT for Road Trips! We take mine everywhere, usually 500-600 mile one way (1000+ round trip) kinda deals. Bought it to enjoy it and it makes vacations more enjoyable for me! Matt
  19. Project Midnight

    Did the clutch quiet down for you? Im looking for a clutch and RST is high on my list! Matt