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  1. Mustang Hybrid Teased, Shows V8-Engine

    Lyric's (not in commercial) to "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones include: "I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black With flowers and my love, both never to come back." Not what I would use in my ad but hey, only an old coger like me would recall lyrics like this.
  2. March 2018 Mustang Sales

    Looks like a 7 year chart but yes, plenty of sales for the Challenger.
  3. Top Fender Exit Exhaust? (Not Downpipes)

    An Inconel surround should do the trick;):D.
  4. Mr Bodykit GT350 style front conversion.

    Yes, the title here is a bit misleading by calling it a "conversion". Where it really counts is on the MrBodykit website, and they denote it as "GT350 style".
  5. Steeda Q850 (Q-Series) 2018 Mustang Front Fascia

    Yes. It took me about a week of studying the initial 18' front end pics after its debut to verify this notable difference and agree the difference appears signifigant relative to the 15-17. I also think the gloss black paint of the grill might somewhat accentuate the shallowness.
  6. Coyote valve train chatter...

    Yeah mostly 2nd and 3rd gear for my 3.31 car at 40mph.
  7. Picked up my 2018 Mustang GT in Royal Crimson!

    Congrats, the car looks great. I had a Crimson Black Nissan that was very similar in color and it also received a ton of compliments. The color would look almost black on overcast days but on sunny days the Crimson and red flake would really pop. The big issue I had was fighting the persistent...

    So out of curiosity, what are the options for 92 octane (highest available here) or is it essentially still a 93 octane tune for those who run on 92? If you do tune specifically for 92 octane do you have dyno data you can share?
  9. Long tubes and stock exhaust

    I agree, the Corsa Touring AB would be a good option using 3". By using the small dia stock exhaust you're not getting the full benefit from the LT's plus the sound may be on the tinny side I would think.
  10. MAch1 Tease...at Chicago...

    Interesting, I see they went with a 70'/71' Torino Cobra shaker scoop in lieu of the Mustang version.
  11. Exhaust advice

    I measured my cutoff factory resonator and yes it does neck down to about 2.25" at the front end but is larger thoughout the inner body. Even the aft end on mine is pinched down in the same manner but not quite as much. The MF Tru-x I installed is 2.5" from end to end and it does provide the...
  12. Installed Borla Touring Catback, now drone...

    No rasp and a good sound but not quite at the volume level I would prefer. If it wasn't for the wife I would go with the Corsa Sport AB and MF Tru-x.:frusty:
  13. Corsa Sport Axle Back

  14. Harmonic Resonance Help

    Correct, I can get some very minor RPM related resonance (Corsa Touring) but only with the engine under a load going up or downhill. Never happens on flat terrain and it isn't a problem for me, you ultimately always have control over it.
  15. Gas pedal mod or jms pedalmax

    I purchased one (used/cheap) just to check it out. I have found some limited benefit for its use with throttle blip on downshifting, and (with a tune) I less often find the need to use my drive mode selector. Orher than that.....there's not much to it.
  16. X pipe ?

    An easy slip, no Astroglide needed..... but the 1/2" dia difference means reducer x2 are in order.
  17. 0 to 60 track app results stock tune

    Back to back pulls or it don't count (just post 2 pics)......:D
  18. Best intake system for 2017 Mustang GT

    For me Steeda's Velocity Stack CAI works VERY well with the cool ambient air in my neck of the woods. BUT...the few hot summer months of heat will turn the CAI into a HAI. You can't have the best of everything all the time. IMOP (and for many) the factory stock air box may still offer the best...
  19. Line Lock Standard on ALL 2018 Ford Mustangs (Including EcoBoost)

    Hmm....our track requires cars to pull around and back into the water box. This gives them a chance to keep drivers (on street tires) out of the water.