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  1. New Resonator Choice | 2018 GT

    You could try the Jones dual 3" in/out resonated x pipe. It's stainless steel and pretty cheap. I have stainless power headers, with two of these Jones units welded together for a Frankenstein double X pipe, with Flowmasters out the rear, all 3". The setup is loud when you want it to be but it...
  2. Need help choosing headers.

    My gen 2 gained around 30 lb ft under the curve with headers. Totally worth it to have that extra torque from 2500-4000, plus a small gain in high end power. My gen 3 definitely feels much stronger but also converted to e85 at the same time so idk exact gains from headers. No regrets Don't...
  3. 87 octane and timing

    The car is constantly adjusting. Whether you run 87 or 91 or 93 it will start with less timing and then ramp in more until it senses knock, this is happening on the fly, all the time
  4. Sloppy, wild steering after BMR K Member install

    Thanks for all the input. I zeroed out the toe as best I could and that helped ALOT. I think the long term fix will be going back to the stock mounting points on the kmember tho
  5. Sloppy, wild steering after BMR K Member install

    What am I looking for when checking bump steer? Change in toe or camber or both when the suspension is compressed? How many of these cars need a bump steer kit when lowered? I had a 2016 with the same springs with no issues. First step will be next week (MN weather permitting) to get the toe...
  6. Sloppy, wild steering after BMR K Member install

    Thanks guys. I used string and measured from the outermost tread groove at the highest point possible under the chassis. Raise the car, adjust, and then lower the car and roll back and forth to relieve bushing stress, rinse and repeat until I got to .2 I'll try readjusting closer to neutral...
  7. Sloppy, wild steering after BMR K Member install

    Hey everyone, My '22 GT feels like it's going to steer itself out of the lane on the highway or over bumps. Here's the backstory- Just finished up installation of the BMR street K member. Also did motor mounts, camber plates, and headers at the same time. Car is lowered an inch on steeda...
  8. Evans Performance Academy?? Has Anyone Tried It?

    Great input, I'd have to agree with you guys. Some good stuff from Tony on youtube and I've found goat rope garage to be somewhat helpful. Good info to be had over on the hptuners forums too but that seems hit or miss depending on what specifics you're looking for. It seems the hardest part to...
  9. Evans Performance Academy?? Has Anyone Tried It?

    I'm considering the same thing. Did you end up purchasing the program?
  10. Scammer raises his price mid scam.

    Dude you just posted your name, phone #, and address for the world to see?
  11. Georgia Huge 8 second Turbo 6R80 partout!

    Do you have any pics of where the turbo sat when mounted? Depending on placement I'm interested in the manifolds and cross over pipe if you decide to sell seperately. Assuming t6 flange?
  12. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Nitto 555r2

    Might be worth consideration- I bought some kumho ecsta ps91 on sale in 265/35r20 and 295/35r20. On a stock power '22 gt with a 10r80 and 3.55s, they hook first gear and will only chirp into 2nd if the car is in drag mode. Very surprised with these tires for only 750 bones a set. Perform better...
  13. Floored my new mustang at 650 miles and worried something got damaged

    I probably went WOT at least 20 times with higher-rev coasting before I hit 500 miles on my last 3 coyotes. All were strong runners with no oil consumption or weird noises. Gotta seat your rings somehow right?
  14. out of the game since megasquirt v2. Honest opinion on tuning a coyote?

    Thanks for the replies fellas. Much appreciated. It sounds like things have evolved considerably... does anyone know of a tuner who will provide a base file for me to learn and tweak? Obviously for a fee and I'd sign whatever waiver releasing them from liability. I'd ideally love to find...
  15. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Quick snap for a little rapid red love on 20" velgens
  16. out of the game since megasquirt v2. Honest opinion on tuning a coyote?

    Hey guys back in the late 2000's I built and tuned my own 25psi boosted 4 cylinder on a Megasquirt standalone which was replaced by an Electromotive TecGT. Car ran strong and was a blast, no tuning issues on my part. Fast forward from a circa-2000 vehicle with no variable cam timing or direct...
  17. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Took delivery from granger today and was at the dealer for literally 5 minutes. Ordered Feb 10th. If you want a great deal that's quick and painless, granger is the way
  18. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Hey man, great news! Congrats. Looks like mine arrived to Granger yesterday, the 29th. Same spot as you, I already have wheels/tires, TONS of suspension stuff, and some exhaust goodies waiting for me to weld up a custom catback. Going to be a fun summer after all So there it is folks, about 5...
  19. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Same here! Very frustrating. Got an email from Ford yesterday pushing estimated delivery back from June 5th to the 26th. Granger can't say what or when for sure either
  20. Minnesota Members

    Hey all, northern twin cities burbs here. Had a 2015 and 2016 gt, just waiting on delivery in the next week or two of my 2022 gt. Have a stockpile of parts waiting for it already LOL. Drive safe