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  1. Adding OEM Rain Sensing Wipers

    Has anyone figured out how to add Blis? I know you need the mirrors and bumper sensors along with maybe a harness. Anyone know how/part numbers?
  2. Ford Mustang DARK HORSE Special Edition Trademarked

    Well, what does everyone think?? 🤔 I'll go first. It's kind of growing on me, but I think I'll be keeping my 19GT 6MT. S550 darkhorse? 😅
  3. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    KC I'm living in Chattanooga, and would love for you to join our Mustang group! We have a few Roush S197s 350s pp2s bullits. We'd love to have you.
  4. Best tire? Help me decide! New guys read this.

    Hey Mustang family, I'm full bolt on "technically". In the process of going full bolt on. Im on coilovers, and that's all for suspension with stock wheels. My car is a stock + car (mostly stock vehicle or factory optioned asthetic mods) so I have my stock BAP wheels. I may get tired of the stock...
  5. Pedders Xa coilovers riding rough

    Kill me, but preload?
  6. Pedders Xa coilovers riding rough

    Alright so I installed my coilovers and left the rear as is no adjustments besides 15 clicks on the dampening and dropped the front down to just covering tire on my fender and 15 clicks dampening. It rides great on small bumps, but when I hit a small pothole it feels so rough. Did I miss...
  7. Pedders Clunk?

    Thought about that. Probably going to have to go that route. Thanks!
  8. Pedders Clunk?

    Thats what the front was, now the rear is clunking, and I found out its the collar to adjust the rear struts. They keep coming loose.
  9. Pedders Clunk?

    I installed my pedders extreme coilovers, and got it aligned. I cant seem to get the clunk figured out? Its whenever the front two wheels travel. Its definitely in the front. It almost sounds like the hub is about to fall off the bottom of the coilover.
  10. Android auto disconnecting

    Using a branded Samsung cable, and it still drops out. KTP says his does to so maybe its something firmware rather than hardware on our end.
  11. Android auto disconnecting

    Okay so issue has been fixed to an extent. I started using a samsung cable instead of the braided walmart cable, and I have only had it drop once or twice.
  12. Android auto disconnecting

    Well I guess when you boot a new phone it updates the play store or app store. So that sucks
  13. Android auto disconnecting

    Im going to give the cable that came with it a shot. I'll update this thread so if someone on Google searches this issue they will see.
  14. Android auto disconnecting

    So Im using the same cable I used with my Samsung S8, and I got the S20+ recently and it keeps disconnecting from Android Auto. Any ideas?
  15. Tennessee Cobb V3 Unmarried $350 you ship

    Sorry brother! Forgot to mark it sold!
  16. My modes getting weaker?

    Thank you guys for not roasting me because I ask any thought that comes to my head in hope that a google search will calm down this hysteria over our cars seemingly acting wonky.
  17. My modes getting weaker?

    So I switched my 4inch radio to sync3. Got drive modes, and i couldn't stay out of track mode. I really feel like track mode has lost its pep. I'm digging sport plus more. Could the APIM or ECU pull the throttle back? Or am I used to it?