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  1. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Contest FINAL*****

    I'm very happy for all of you guys and sincerly apologize for what I did. I did not know that requesting votes by pm was prohibited. I feel like a stupid cheater. :doh: Sorry again and congratulations to all of you! :cheers:
  2. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Contest FINAL*****

    At the end, the member with the best pictures won. Sincere congratulations!:cheers: Thanx to all members who have voted for me. Sorry if I offended someone.:(
  3. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Contest FINAL*****

    Thank you so much! ;)
  4. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Contest FINAL*****

    No matter the result, it will have been an honor for me to compete until the end with such quality opponents. Gentlemen, you have sincerely great cars.:cheers:
  5. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Contest FINAL*****

    I have to admit that 2L81WON's pictures are wonderfull.:thumbsup:
  6. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    Just one rule has not been respected: Each member can click thanks on only one mustang. So they could only calculate votes respecting this rule and then move the top 10 mustang to a new thread with a poll, like it was supposed to be.:shrug:
  7. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    I can't see how or why.:shrug:
  8. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    When the final round will begin? It was supposed to be monday, no?
  9. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    I had a hard time finding the car too.:p
  10. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    Win or lose, this contest will have been very entertaining. Thanx again Velgen.:thumbsup:
  11. I need your help Canada guys...

    Cheers :cheers:
  12. I need your help Canada guys...

  13. I need your help Canada guys...

    Done. Thank you guys! :cheers:
  14. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    Same for me. Pretty surprised to see how many votes I got for my Mustang that is not so special IMO. Anyway, I'm having fun with this contest. Thanx again for your votes.:love:
  15. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    IMHO, it's important to keep in mind that it's only wheels, not a house.;)
  16. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    My wife has just started making pies and cakes and couldn't stop asking me why. I told her it was for Holidays.:headbonk:
  17. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    Personnaly, offering my stock wheels would be the best way to get no votes. Nevertheless, my wife makes good cakes, so......:D
  18. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    :lol: I would definitively better love yours than my stock wheels.
  19. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    We all have roughly 1 chance out of 120 to win a fabulous set of wheels from a fabulous wheels company and for no investment at all. IMHO chances are way better than any national lottery. One thing to say: Thank you Velgen to give us that chance. :clap2:
  20. ****FREE Velgen Mustang6G Appreciation*****

    Maybe they will change the rules: 4 winners, one wheel each.:D