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  1. Wait time On Whipple?

    The Whipple wait is so long that they should set up a visit your build in progress program where you can watch your specific Whipple being built. It would be Just like when you could order a corvette and be there at its assembly...lol
  2. The whipple wait

    China makes the lids?.. wow can we get anything to be made in a America? Makes me wonder if China is stamped on any of my Procharger parts.. not that I’m aware of..
  3. Half shafts

    Stay away from the DSS half shafts, they represent a lower quality compared to g-force axles..
  4. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    I wouldn't buy another mustang, they're way too much $$$ nowadays. I would get a Bronco or a Ranger, but base models.
  5. Half shafts

    they are good...
  6. Half shafts

    The stock shafts are garbage if your gonna make any serious power. I have gforce Ford racing’s 1500 hp axles. And don’t settle for the gt-350 half shafts they’re not much better then the stock half shafts..
  7. Just bought a GT350!

    I just went to www.vroom.com and I think I spotted the car you bought. It's marked sale pending, $50k and change right?
  8. Switch from stage 2 whipple to stage 2 p1x?

    I have a d1x and my dual pump fuel system isn't installed yet but I'm at 750 whp on the stock fuel system and bap. I make 12lbs of boost peak and I haven't even installed the 4.50 pulley i have. my pulley now is a 4.88. So you will have no problem up to 750 whp on the stock fuel pump but you...
  9. Switch from stage 2 whipple to stage 2 p1x?

    lethal performance is on record in this forum for 10 week Whipple wait times...we'll be at war with China by the time your Whipple arrives...lol source see the Whipple wait thread.
  10. Switch from stage 2 whipple to stage 2 p1x?

    Get the Procharger, you’ll have a ton of fun while the whipple is still on its way to the dealership.
  11. The EPA sues Ez- link diesel tuning company, get ready for the coming tide.

    Yeah, the Epa has been around for a long time but they're cracking down NOW. This will affect what we in the mustang community love to do, make our cars faster. If they decide to go full tilt, it will change our industry drastically. and maybe permanently.
  12. The EPA sues Ez- link diesel tuning company, get ready for the coming tide.

  13. Who's sick & tired of 'cancel culture' drop a comment here

    Watch this video, it exposes the green energy hoax being played out on the unsuspecting public. They’ve been canceling the facts while shoving it down the throats of the world community!
  14. What can we do for You?

    Can you tell us how Ford is handling the aluminum oxide paint bubble issues that appear on our cars?
  15. Per Ford (officially) the 2011-2019 F150/Mustang 5.0 “Typewriter Tick” is a normal characteristic

    2016 gt/cs never had a tick. I always used 5w-50 Amsoil sig series or Driven 5w-50 weight with multiple oil changes. My Gen-2 motor is stock with opg's and a blower!
  16. Who's sick & tired of 'cancel culture' drop a comment here

    Did you know that in California Manholes are no longer called Manholes because it is considered sexually biased? They’re now called “Maintenance holes”.
  17. Delaware 2016 Gt 3:15 gear traction lock differential 40k miles

    for automatic transmission... https://ibb.co/Y8C3Vcw https://ibb.co/S3SKgzk https://ibb.co/PY0NV4R Prefer local pickup asking $400.00 negotiable, paypal available..
  18. The whipple wait

    10 weeks geez, if you literally got your wife pregnant on the day you ordered it , there’s a good chance that by the time you receive it, your wife would be showing visibly... lol https://ibb.co/F4w5Qnf
  19. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    My tuner uses sct, i was just asking because i didnt see him mention that in his list of tuning devices.
  20. Tried to buy a bronco sport

    That has the little 1.5 turbo right?