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  1. Tear in Frame

    Good luck with that - the cure is surgery, but the cure might be worse than the disease.
  2. Tear in Frame

    Or drunk or stoned or all of the above.
  3. 2000 Cobra R still in the wrapper

    Kind of sad in a way - kind of reminds me rich d-bags that display F1 cars in their living rooms.
  4. I hate bad old drivers.

    Thankfully you got her insurance policy - hopefully her company will drop her and she'll stop driving
  5. 1st HPDE Day Tips and Prep?

    Rubbing alcohol works well to remove rubber streaks. Mother's rubber remover is good for rims. If you are OCD about paint, you may wish to protect it. Lots of cars with sticky tires blowing by you and slow cars you come up on fling up all kinds of stuff. And there is always the risk of parts...
  6. Inflation

    This is why Powell needs to channel Volker - time for a little more pain
  7. Inflation

    Supply and demand might have something to do with it too.
  8. Reckless Driving

    The piety of this thread makes me perversely proud of my inconsequential felonious conduct.
  9. Laguna Seca Lawsuit: Hagerty bringing the sass

    Huh - the surrounding area is all pretty heavy industrial - ridiculous indeed.
  10. Laguna Seca Lawsuit: Hagerty bringing the sass

    I don't think that had anything to do with noise. It had to do with money and NASCAR dumping the property to commercial real estate developers. ACS (RIP) was surrounded by industrial zones
  11. Back to stock from Lund tune

    Another reason to go with AED
  12. Any Differences between a 18' and a 23' GT Convertible?

    Get the 18 - the lower HP in the 23 will lead to feelings of inadequacy
  13. EV's.......... 😂😂😂😂😂

    It's already happening - homes are burning down all over the US from EV charging. I can no longer sleep well from fear of my wife's car igniting. Which would be really terrible since the gas cars it's next to would explode and burn down the entire neighborhood. I better get an extra fire...
  14. Engine splash guard help

    It's a good idea to have in place. I'd replace ASAP.
  15. UPR Drain Plug Leaking?

    If you get the GT500 oil pan, you get a metal drain plug and will save yourself $20 with every oil change.
  16. Just got an MGW installed. Review, with some questions.

    This is mounted directly on the transmission so you will feel more vibration. Upgrade to Motul DCTF for better shifting, and go for the trifecta by getting a better clutch.
  17. Fix-It Ticket

    Maybe he can sign the tick
  18. Fix-It Ticket

    Do you have a friend who is a LEO?