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  1. How much do you think the PP1 option actually costs Ford to build?

    The package cost has increased significantly but I still think it’s a good value. I am probably off but I think it was a $3000 option when it was introduced and now it’s $6500? While the most obvious (visual) changes are thing people commonly do anyway (wheels/tires, spoiler, lower-suspension...
  2. Confused about my brakes

    I just went through some brake issues at Sebring on track, very inconsistent feel corner-to-corner. Long story short I checked tq on everything, visually inspected pads and bleed the calipers - it was fine. As far as track I've always gone by this : If you get a firm pedal but don’t slow down...
  3. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Hello Everyone - I was a long time auto-X’er that started to dabble in HPDE at the novice level but was always chasing issues with my modified cars. I bought my 22-M1 new primarily to do more road-course driving without the car needing a lot of work. It is otherwise stock with some 200tw...
  4. How long would you guess will Ford be making OEM parts for the S550?

    Unfortunately the reality is that the manufacturers “make” the parts but they’re on endless backorder sometimes … even for things still in production. With the Mustang specifically I don’t think there will be an issue with most stuff, just due to raw numbers produced and popularity. Even when...
  5. Sync 3 Delete - Thinking into the Future

    it looks like you would be paying a lot to have that plastic panel with the fancy R … there is a complete panel with the HVAC and Start/switches for $2700 … there is also just the plastic “R” panel for $900 (but unsure how it would attach. there are multiple offerings for a black close-out...
  6. Why do I only get 7200 rpm instead of 7500?

    Looks the same to me? 7200 setting for shift indicator, I don’t have a video but it does go above the 7200 line to at or just beyond the larger 7500rpm hash
  7. Why do I only get 7200 rpm instead of 7500?

    That is the option for the “performance shift indicator” The red on my tach starts at 7400-7500 I usually have the shift light set for 6500 with the tone. I would have to look more closely but I have no reason to think my car is not at 7500 when I hit the hard limiter occasionally. At Daytona...
  8. Advice on Finding a Clean Mach 1

    Both of these cars are missing the front fender trim for the HP, certainly not a deal breaker item but it seems like the most common issue with cars, new or used. It’s about $300 for the pair from Ford.
  9. Alignment

    Same springs on you changed them? New suspension settling is a topic with a lot of opinions 😂, I am in the camp that thinks it just takes a short drive to work the suspension and get everything seated … so pretty much the drive to the allignment shop should suffice.
  10. Motor Oil Price

    Yeah, the best price I could get was $26.20ea buying 4+ of the 5qt jugs. It did show me I bought it in March 2020 for $22.11 so maybe it was a sale that just ended? Today :
  11. Motor Oil Price

    I had read about the tick prior to purchasing, this is my first Mustang/Coyote so no previous comparison but at autox and track events other Mustang owners have mentioned how quite my engine is at idle? I don’t do anything special, OEM filter and the full-syn 5w30 … I usually have about 2k...
  12. Houston, we have a problem!

    I am in central Florida, we have 6 “cars&coffee” events a month that are all within 30 minutes of me. One of them charges $10 per-event that goes to charity (you can also get a year pass for $100) that seems to deter assholes (they also have at least 1 cop sitting at the enter/exit road). A...
  13. Motor Oil Price

    Good price for a great oil. I used the Ultra Platinum on a turbo DI car and at 35k miles/4 years miles there was barely any buildup on the valves. I am using motorcraft full-syn 5w30 on my M1 and have never heard a tick, almost 14k miles currently.
  14. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    Guess I am doing pretty good, my tires this year were $11 cheaper 😃 March 22, 2023 Item(s) Total: $1,767.90 Sales Tax: $115.17 State Fee (Required): $4.00 Order Total: $1,887.07 Feb 12, 2024 Item(s) Total: $1,757.90 Sales Tax: $114.52 State Fee (Required): $4.00 Order...
  15. 2022 GT Ford Performance upgrade?

    I’d rather they add it (carbon filter/emissions controls) than stop making the v8. At least you can still source an intake/TB and tune for the ‘22 & ‘23 aftermarket.
  16. Official: 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona (EV + ICE), Scat Pack, Daytona R/T Revealed! 670 Horsepower / 0-60mph in 3.3 Secs

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 305/35ZR20XL front/325/35ZR20 rear tires available with the Track Package option on the Daytona Scat Pack
  17. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    I had my 22 windshield replaced by safelight with OEM glass over the summer - haven’t been contacted yet.
  18. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Finally took some better pictures in the daylight. Can’t say much for performance other than no issues with my 1200 miles of highway driving and 2 day track event at Barber Motorsports Park last weekend. Car showed just under 200*F diff-temp cruising at 80mph and just over 200*F going into...
  19. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    I get what you’re saying but track folks can be a bit different, people will get a new car and take it out to the first events they can. There was no s650s at barber this weekend. Lots of s550 a few s197, a couple Shelby’s including a former FPRS Track Attack GT500 and 4 Mach1s including me...
  20. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    I’m at Barber for the weekend, just a fun HPDE but I am hoping to see some DH or even just s650 out this weekend. I was at Road Atlanta in September and there was a a single base-auto/non-HP Darkhorse there … but 4 Mach1-HPs including mine, 2 GT350 and 2 GT500 plus a couple GTs and one EB.