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  1. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Remote tuned. Tune is 4+ years old. These issues started 3 years ago. I’ve lived with them since. Been frustrating because I don’t know if they’re related to each other. Idle misfires and the hesitation. It gives the impression of a vacuum leak but it’s been tested 2+ times for over 2 hours...
  2. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    Bringing this back to the top. Still no fix. Getting the car out soon and really want to tackle this and get it fixed so I can get to the track again this summer. Open to ideas! Not opposed to a new tune - if I knew that was the cause. Not really wanting to just throw parts at it in the...
  3. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Hey Mike. Stage 1.5 lol. Aftermarket tune. You’ve reviewed a few logs for me in the past. Didn’t see anything obvious. Still have the off idle stumble and idle misfires. Still looking for a fix! The off idle stumble is sporadic but when it does it, it’s like the car just sputters for a...
  4. OIL LIFE...

    Reset it and let it rip!
  5. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Anyone had the supercharger cover off and the brick out? Got any picks? Wondering if you can see the bypass valve from there. Wondering if there’s any way to clean the butterfly itself. Thanks in advance!!
  6. HELP! Idle Consistently Fluctuating and Causing Hesitation 2016 GT Supercharged

    No. That was for @CrackedHorn He said he had this issue when he fills up with the car running.
  7. HELP! Idle Consistently Fluctuating and Causing Hesitation 2016 GT Supercharged

    Why are you filling up with the car running??
  8. Put a deposit on a new car- you guys going to laugh.

    Agreed! Most fun car I’ve had was a ‘94 Miata - new at the time. You bang through 3 gears so hard and fast you felt you were driving a race car - without even breaking the speed limit! So fun to autocross. I’d love another one - but not sure I’d fit anymore lol. OP - enjoy the car. Fun to...
  9. 2017 Whipple gen 5 stage 2 sputtering at idle?

    I’d be interested in finding out what the whipple tune does at idle - if the misfires are there or if they disappear. Keep us updated if you try that!! Thank you!
  10. Tuning for nGauge

    lol. No. Keeping the ngauge regardless of what I do… Sorry guys.
  11. Tuning for nGauge

    Thanks for that! Much appreciated!
  12. Tuning for nGauge

    So the MPVI3 won’t upload a file from a tuner? Thanks.
  13. Tuning for nGauge

    Ok. So what’s the difference between the 2. MPVI3 and RTD? Thanks.
  14. Tuning for nGauge

    Thanks for the response. Kind of what I thought. Does the MPVI3 allow for remote tunes or is this for self tuning only? I see a lot of the RTD devices, but they are remote tune only, correct? Does the MPV3 do both?
  15. Looking for a tune shop for a 2021 GT w/ Roush 2650 near GTA

    Exactly! Arun is a god with new GM stuff. No one I trust with the coyote here. Lidio a great guy. Spent a LOT of money there back in the old fox days.
  16. Tuning for nGauge

    Hello. Quick question. I have a Lund nGauge. If I have Lund unlock it, would I be able to use it with a different tuner? When it’s unlocked, what does that mean exactly? Can it be “reloaded with the regular HP tuners software? If not, what’s the most versatile tuning device these days...
  17. I am on the verge of selling my Mustang guys...

    Don’t do the S650. Can’t accept the step back in styling. Far too generic. Easily confused with 5 or 6 other cars out there. No clue what they were thinking. I’d have a look at a Supra. Yea, I know, M2 under the skin. But you won’t confuse that with anything else! Aftermarket performance...
  18. Florida Pmas Intake for CJ manifold

    Where does the MAF fit on this? Does it go in the tube shown? Different than the regular ones I’ve seen.
  19. New Tune-Temps

    Hey Daryl. Silly, but did you happen to check to coolant level? Also check the coolant level of the intercooler system. Any What were the temps prior to the tune change? I know you replaced the IAT harness… Tuner likely didn’t have a reason to play with coolant levels. Do you know if they...