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  1. It’s happening

    Today we went to our favorite spot. They are usually well staffed with great people. Well today they where short 3 staff and this was running around with only 2 folks serving and cleaning 20 tables. Service today was lacking.
  2. Revamped JLT Intake

    So I was up in the air about getting a CAI. I was leaning towards the Roush closed box because of IATs. Then got on the net and looked for the JLT for S&G. Well it’s revamped and I just picked up a closed box JLT intake. Saved me $100 over the Roush. Its supposed to be here Friday. It is a no...
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  4. GT500 v Dodge Black Ghost

    well you have to see to truly appreciate.
  5. Need some help from those who can

    My brother was involved in a nasty accident yesterday on his bike. He was stopped at a light and was hit by an uninsured annd unlicensed driver that was fleeing from an accident he had just caused. These are some pictures of the accident and I’ll post a link to a fundraiser I’m doing for him. He...
  6. Post them Summer IATs

    Im in Arizona this was going down the I10 it’s hot out there 😱
  7. Happy 4th Of July

    To all the US members , please take a moment to just appreciate this great nation and all it has meant through out its history to so many. For 247 years it has stood for freedom opportunity and where many came to fulfill their dreams. I don’t know how many more years, we have left as the nation...
  8. Polished the turd

    The GTO washed and waxed.
  9. Udrags GT500 v C8ZO6

    I think we all know how this turned out but it was fun to watch. Hope everyone enjoys. The GT500 did pull some impressive G’s around the turn.
  10. GT350 170 on Autobahn

    Short clip running a GT350 to 170.
  11. CSR2 Anyone

    I like online racing games and I dable in CSR2. I also wanted to bring it here because they are having a series dedicated to the Darkhorse model.
  12. 182mph on the Autobahn

  13. Ferrada Wheels Question

    I’m looking to do a true stagger set 19x9.5 and 20x11.5. They do both on a 5x114. Tire would be a 285/35 upfront and a 325/30/20 in the back. Does anyone have any experience with these wheels and with this type of stagger. This is the wheel I’m looking to replace the ones I have now. TIA
  14. Something fun

    So many people as of late do DNA tests and genealogy family trees. To see their origins. If you’ve done it or have participated: How far back has your family been traced. What continent(s)and country(ies) do your family originate from. What’s something that has stood out about an ancestor(s)...
  15. Stepped headers

    After doing some reading I think this is the rout I want to go. The car will ultimately have a 150 hit of nitrous but I think this rout will keep the grunt down low with the ability to also make power up top. For those of you who have gone this route I have a couple of questions: How have they...
  16. Thumbs Up for Beefcake Racing

    Ordered a SPEC stage 3 clutch/flywheel from Terry on Saturday for the GTO. Price was even better than I expected. Got here today Thank you 🙏🏼
  17. Have an 1” of travel

    Ive searched and haven’t found anything so here it goes. I have an ‘18 M6 MT82. I have about an inch worth of travel before feeling pressure on the pedal. Is there any way of taking up that slack. All advice welcomed TIA
  18. Post your Favorite Pic(s)

    This thread is to post some of your favorite pic(s) you have taken. Let’s keep it classy folks. This is by far one of my favorite pics. It’s the view from my fathers house back porch. Off in the distance you can see the ocean. We have sat here drank coffee, had amazing conversations , and just...
  19. Ford Developing Electronic Driftbreak

    Pretty cool stuff Ford is doing
  20. My Trip to Puerto Rico

    So the wife and I are taking a 10 day trip to Puerto Rico. I was born and raised on the island until the age of 10. I’ll be posting pics. This is my father and I and his shop and a place we visited yesterday to grab some grub. He has a 14Ksqft machine shop he’s had for close to 40 yrs. Some...