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  1. Wheel spacers and studs on a PP1 magride

    please delete... got my answers here, https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/extended-studs-and-slip-on-spacers.151418/
  2. Pre-collision light bar - buzzing noise

    I thought I remembered a similar post to this but I can't find it, anyway... My emergence brake/pre-collision warning light bar thinger in the dash on the driver's side is buzzing while driving (due to noisy roads, etc.). If I touch it, the noise will go away for awhile. Has anyone come up with...
  3. Future Sync3 Updates

    Does anyone think we'll get a Sync3 update in 16-19s that will match what is rolling out with the 20s? I saw a few videos of drives in the 20 HiPerf Eco and it had a newer version of Sync running. I certainly hope so, current version is looking tired aesthetically.
  4. Track Wrap

    Does anyone know where I can get some type of temporary paint protection film (track wrap) in Tulsa area?
  5. Living in OK, buying in TX... TTL question

    Per the title, living in OK but buying in Texas. The dealership/salesman is saying I pay Oklahoma TTL to them rather than paying when I register the vehicle back home. I’ve read evidence of both things happening but am interested in anyone else’s experience. I found a form on TX DMV site that is...
  6. Transporting your Mustang

    Has anyone had their car transported? In my case, I may be purchasing a car way out of town and would rather the car be put on a truck instead of driving home myself. If you have, who did you use and who do you trust? And what kind of money are we talking about? I've seen online quotes of...