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  1. VMP HP Ngauge Tuner for 2015-2023 Mustang GT

    Ah your the guy I messaged on offerup after you changed the price
  2. GT 350R brake upgrade with Project 6GR wheels

    Sorry off topic I always wanted to upgrade my car to that kit, but wondered why it needs 350 half shafts? If you have a 350 and want to upgrade do you need gt350 specific halfshafts? Op I believe on p6gr's site they had pics of gts with the 20 inch wheels you had on a 350, you could check...
  3. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    That's what I'm running, have yet to install the gm flex fuel sensor and the controlled motions fitting/bypass so the sensor is not a restriction. Currently only using the boost function. Great piece good quality and love the peak boost function that can show live boost/vacuum or show the peak...
  4. First Run Toyo R888R whipple and mods

    What size 555r2 did you try op? I ask because there is no way I would drive on normal tires unless I was roadtripping and lowered my boost waaaaay down. 555g2 are trash for traction better off with a Michelin pilot sport 4s or equivalent. My car will only see drag radials or slicks from now on...
  5. ***Urgent*** Check Clutch Line At Brake Master Cylinder

    When I looked at my 19gt a few months ago the line was almost all the way off and touching the line brake fluid came out, so I replaced it with the steeda part at the master
  6. California 2018+ Ford Mustang GT Borla ATAK Active exhaust with Carbon Fiber tips

    Where in Cali are you located? Also how much
  7. Disable Active Exhaust

    You've replaced the actuators 3 times? I'm still on my oem ones from 2019. Is it possible that the wiring harnesses are chaffing and that's why they stop working? It's a pretty common issue and did happen to me, I didn't replace anything just fixed the wires that were exposed. They are just...
  8. Upgrading P1X to…

    What boost was the dyno run at? Thanks and clean car BTW
  9. Longterm high HP abuse of MT82-D4

    My d4 was rebuilt about 12k ago (due to a bushing falling off and getting stuck and not being able to shift into 3rd or reverse) and have been running it on e85 built motor and 16psi on a p1x and stock clutch with a mgw shifer and its doing fine o far. When I had the engine out 3k miles ago the...
  10. Oxygen sensors going bad?

    Hopefully no damage was done, clogged cats can easily destroy an engine in a hurry
  11. TVS 2.3L Supercharger Made 830whp on a Mustang Dyno, 7499RPM

    Nice, what level rpg engine did you go with?

    How much boost/what pulley combo?
  13. '22 GT Wheel(s) Locking Up When Parked After Washing

    The brake pad is rusting to the rotor. After you wash your car drive it around the block and use the bakes a few times or drag then for a little bit to dry them off then park
  14. 3160 swap

    Unless you're dead set on doing the swap just to do say you've done it then I would just get a ben calimer built mt82.
  15. Torsen diff. vs. Track-Loc

    I have a 19 base gt and I believe the torsen diff was standard on the car. My 15pp came with the torsen due to having the performance pack, but I thought they were standard at some point
  16. Massachusetts Brand new Spec S/S twin disc clutch street friendly with lightweight steel flywheel for 15-17 mustang with MT-82 23 spline tranny $699 + free shipping

    They don't make a clutch that's works on a 15-22 mt82. The 15=17 cars had a mt82d5 and the 18 to current use mt82d4, they have different spline inputs to the trans.
  17. Can’t shift into Reverse

    What clutch do you have?
  18. LT Header identification

    He doesn't need to smog the car until 2025
  19. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I've seen this happen when the ring gear in the rear end is worn, whenever any amount of torque is applied it will make noise but when just coasting it is quiet
  20. California K-Member

    Where are you located? Also which version is this?