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  1. Maryland 2022 Mach 1 owners kit. In original shipping box, never removed $225 shipped

    Selling a 2022 Mach 1 owners kit. Still in original shipping box. $225 shipped….Tom 301-717-2663
  2. Just listed a nice used Mach 1 car cover for sale in exterior section of classifieds

    Selling a nice used Mach 1 car car in the exterior section of the classifieds. Check it out…..
  3. Maryland 21-23 Mach 1 Car cover with Mach 1 logo embroidery

    Selling a custom made car cover for a 21-23 Mach 1 very good used condition. Some tire dressing stains and 1 tiny hole…see picture. Hole may be 1/8” approx. $180 shipped from Gaithersbur, MD…..Tom 301 717 2663
  4. Maryland 18+21 Air box lid plus K+N filter $50 for all

    Selling 18-21 air box lid plus K+N filter. See photo for more info. $50 for all….pick up only Gaithersburg MD……Tom 301 717 2663
  5. Front fitment 19x9.5 et42 285/35/19

    Would 19x9.5 et 42 with 285/35/19 fit the front of a 22 GT without issue…thanks.
  6. LMR great exhaust deal 15-17 $250 for a catback

    Just saw this on LMR.com…..seems like a great deal at $250…
  7. Maryland 18-23 Mustang GT various intake items 1 lot $40

    Selling all the items in picture as 1 lot for $40 dollars. Pick up only. All parts were removed a few years back for the install of a Roush Supercharger on a brand new 2020 Mustang GT. If you see it in the pics, it goes with the sale. Some items are crank pulley, engine cover, throttle body...
  8. 2021 Mach 1 owners kit listed for sale

    I just listed a 2021 Mach 1 owners kit for sale in the Misc. section of the classified sections on here. Just an FYI in case anyone is looking for one and does not typically look in there.
  9. Maryland 2021 Mach 1 Owner Kit like new $350 shipped

    Selling a 2021 Mach 1 owners kit. Complete 2021 Mach 1 owners kit. A great piece to have for the Mach 1 enthusiast. 301 717 2663….thanks Tom
  10. Ford Performance Street Handling Pack installed///Alignment results

    I have the FP street handling kit installed on a non PP1 premium GT 401A with the stock 18” wheels 255/45/18 tire’s Continental DWS. I have not added any adjustability to the suspension. I had it aligned yesterday. Below are the results. Seeking input. I have just about no knowledge...
  11. 2022 Mustang GT 18” wheels Ford Performance street handling pack

    Here are a few pictures of the Ford Performance Street Handling package installed on my 2022 Mustang GT. The car is a 401a premium non PP1 and came with the 18” factory base wheels with 235/50/18 Pirelli tires. My suspension upgrades so far are the aforementioned FP kit, FP strut tower brace...
  12. Maryland 2022 Mustang GT PP1 takeoff OEM wheels and tires $1600

    Factory OEM takeoff PP1 wheels and Pirelli tires with 500 miles for sale. These are exactly as they would have come off a brand new Mustang and include center caps and TPMS. Bolt on and go. 2 19x9 with 255/40/19 front and 2 19x9.5 with 275/40/19 rear. $1600 pick up only in Gaithersburg, MD...
  13. Maryland New car takeoff base Mustang GT suspension

    Selling a new car takeoff 2022 non PP GT suspension. Came off a garage kept car at 1000 miles. Installed a FP suspension kit. $100 pick up only in Gaithersburg MD. Tom 301 717 2663….thanks.
  14. Truck and Mustang stolens from Marriot in NC

    Google Carl La Munyan Mustangs stolen. Help this brother out if you see something. He lost his truck, trailer and 3 stangs from a Marriott in NC.
  15. Ford Performance track shocks and struts with OEM GT non PP springs

    Will FP track shocks and struts with OEM GT non pp springs work? I don’t want to lower car, at all, yet want a more performance oriented suspension.
  16. 2022 Mustang GT supercharger options

    I am exploring supercharger options for a 2022 Mustang GT. I am familiar with the Roush Kit, but it seems like it is on back order everywhere. Does Procharger make a 2022 kit? Their website has one listed but I have noticed a trend where lots of vendors list parts for 2022, when they actually...
  17. 2022 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Pack

    Does the 18-21 Ford Performance Power Pack work for the 2022 Mustang GT. LMR has it listed that way, but nowhere else that I see.
  18. Square 19x9.5 40mm offset 265/40/19

    Hi I am looking at running square setup 19x9.5 40 offset front and rear 265/40/19 on a 2022 Mustang GT. Is this a setup that will work. I am looking to be able to rotate tires, maintain stock tire overall height and have tough wide stance. 2022 Mustang GT not pp. Thanks for feedback.
  19. Maryland 2021/2022 Mach 1 car cover with base spoiler like new

    Selling a black and white Ford OEM Mach 1 car cover for a 21/22 Mach 1 with the base spoiler. Comes in a storage bag which I believe is an OEM item As well. In like new condition. $325 shipped….Tom 301 717 2663…located in Gaithersburg, MD.
  20. 2021 Mach 1 Procharger HO kit

    I am wanting to supercharge my 2021 Mach 1 with a Procharger HO kit. When I go to the Procharger website, they only list the stage 2 for the Mach 1. They list an HO kit for the Bullitt. I would think if the HO Kit fit a Bullitt it would also fit a Mach 1. Does anyone here know if the...