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  1. Keep stock flywheel with new clutch?

    I have a 12lb flywheel in my other car. I much prefer the lightweight flywheel. It makes the engine much more responsive. The only real negative is a little more throttle or clutch slip starting off.
  2. Water pump? failed. Is the engine OK?

    Without knowing exactly how hot it got it’s hard to say. Let the dealer do their thing, but you’re likely ok. You usually have to overheat them multiple times or just keep driving with it overheating ignoring the lights.
  3. What should my 60-130 times be?

    Your 60-130 time is 10.03s. :)
  4. Anyone Know What Indicator this Is?

    correct, front o2 sensors are the ones that controls that meter, they’re the ones the pcm uses to keep everything running right
  5. Anyone Know What Indicator this Is?

    Rear o2 has zero to do with anything but monitoring cat efficiency. the upstream o2's are the widebands that matter.
  6. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Finally back to where I post a photo that was meant to be attached to the earlier post. My car is Dark Matter Grey, so almost black.
  7. 10r80 3.73 gear swap?

    I plan on doing this swap this year, watching for a Torsen from a PP1 manual car. Looking at the gear ratios of the 10r it’ll be spin city with a ok tire in the first couple gears. But from a roll I think 3rd shook do pretty good with a good tire. I’m not running e85 since only 1 station by me...
  8. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    I used Adam’s Graphene on my car, not the advanced, and use their Graphene boost every other wash. I’ve been satisfied with the results and it was super easy to apply.
  9. Put a deposit on a new car- you guys going to laugh.

    I’m sorry you had that experience with local Mustang people. There are elitest groups all over and it’s BS. I get the same thing on the Chevelle groups, mine is a real 69 SS 396 4 speed car. But I pulled the 396 and built a fuel injected 540 and put a 5 speed in it. You’d think I defaced the...
  10. Put a deposit on a new car- you guys going to laugh.

    I’ve had the opportunity to throw a 1st gen BRZ around some mountain passes. Super fun cars, no doubt. I felt it was under powered, but they did bump the power a little for the 2nd gen which is a nice thing IMO. They look OK, one thing I can say, my Mustang is my family car, both boys fit in...
  11. Put a deposit on a new car- you guys going to laugh.

    There’s a couple of those things in my neighborhood. One is a black gr86, from the sounds of it it must have a DCT or something shifts super fast, the guy does like 60 through the neighborhood passing kids as he goes. He’s come out to flat tires a few times and just keeps doing it. The other is...
  12. Cordless Impact driver

    Milwaukee m18 1/2” mid torque is what I’d go for in your situation. The compact could struggle with 150 lb ft if the battery isn’t fully charged. Keep an eye at Northern Tool, they often have sales on buy a tool get a battery free or buy a kit and get a tool free, which the tire inflator is...
  13. Need Help choosing new exhaust

    I’ve compared the 2 side by side, I’d be very surprised if they didn’t come from the same factory, they were identical down to the weld quality. The tips were exactly the same.
  14. Need Help choosing new exhaust

    Have you considered going back to the H pipe and having a couple bullet resonators added to it? It would be a little louder than stock, have the H pipe tone but the bullet resonators would largely kill the rasp
  15. Short throw shifter options for a non-racer

    MGW trans mount is worth it, even for a daily driver. My 2020 wasn’t a track car, it was a daily driver that also was used to have fun in the mountains. I went back and forth on this for a while before just biting the bullet. No regrets
  16. Which is the correct oil drain plug?

    How much are those compared to the plastic plugs?
  17. AWE Switchpath

    FedEx in the Atlanta area is the worst, they even beat the USPS for that title around here. I had their Touring exhaust on my 2020, it was perfection. I hope the valved system with sound like the touring when the valves are opened and quiet when they’re closed. The Touring system is...
  18. AWE Switchpath

    FedEx did their usual. Corsa system came damaged, I didn’t accept delivery so it would be sent back. The seller on Amazon just cancelled the order. So now I’ll definitely just wait to see what AWE comes up with for our cars