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  1. Rear brake caliper mod to match BREMBO front brakes. Easy DIY.

    It won't totally stop dust from getting to the wheel but any dust that gets on the back of it isn't getting on to the wheel and every bit helps. And heat is an issue for sure if you are tracking the car and pushing it hard. But on the street, unless you ride the breaks like a grandma, it's not...
  2. Rear brake caliper mod to match BREMBO front brakes. Easy DIY.

    Only really a concern if you are tracking the car, which I would assume 95% of us aren't.
  3. Rear brake caliper mod to match BREMBO front brakes. Easy DIY.

    MGP makes theirs out of aluminum and does custom color matching and lettering/logos. They are pricey but that would be the way I'd go if I did this. Also want to add that covers serve two purposes, so they aren't just cosmetic. First: they cover up the GOD awful looking stock calipers on the...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    it's a gamble to do it this early for sure, but looking at the monthly forecast (which admittedly is a lot of guesswork) it's looking pretty good from here on out. So crossing my fingers for sure.
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Put the new wheels and tires on today. It's 64 out and is looking like most of the cold/winter weather is behind us now, so back in the garage go the winter tires/wheels.
  6. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    True, but then there would have been a clean wipe mark on the hood, like I said it had been snowing and there was the usual road grime all over the car from driving out in the storm.
  7. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    Yeah our local Chevy dealer is a class act, I normally go to them as they work on anything and have never tried to pull any shady stuff, but being this was a recall I couldn't really go to them. For anything I can't handle, I will continue to go to them, until they give me reason not to, of course.
  8. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    For those asking it was Parsons Interstate Ford LLC In Shippensburg, PA. Thanks for the input guys and be careful out there, everyone trying to take a bite out of our wallets.
  9. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    Went in today to get the recall done on my Mustang, the service manager comes out 20 minutes later with this laundry list of "recommended" items to be addressed, what a clown show it was. I had my car there 4 months ago for an oil change, rear shocks replaced (required to pass inspection)...
  10. Grille Shutters - Not So Much

    When I installed my stepped intercooler I cut the bottom half of the shutters off and kept the top part intact and I can confirm that the car went from taking 2-3 minutes to warm up to now it taking 5-6 minutes to get up to operating speed. Not really a bad thing though, The open area in front...
  11. You are a fool if you street race

    People are in for a very rude awakening when AI is put into every new car, not only will it be reporting all your data to your loan company, it will be sending that info to your insurance company as well as verbally nagging you to "get an oil change" or "Sensors indicate you did not come to a...
  12. You are a fool if you street race

    It's especially bad now that your car narcs on you, I just ticked over 25k miles and I received an email stating "based on your current estimated miles of 25,101, you are due for a service appointment"... Estimated my ass, that was spot on. And if the computer is reporting your miles it's not...
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added the Drake Muscle Cars side and rear splitters, was going to wait for spring but it got up to 57 degrees so I went ahead and put them on.
  14. Introduce yourself!!

    Already added to this thread but never uploaded pics so I figure it's time. Excuse the winter wheels and tires.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Just got done with the install of my Roush CAI and Turbosmart BOV. Over the last three days I've managed to put on the car.. Ford Motorsports strut bar Little Gloss black window triangles to cover that ugly faded plastic Door handle covers, handles weren't looking so hot after a few years...
  16. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    I was going to go with this one but they wanted 400 dollars shipping on top of the price of the spoiler itself. Then add in the cost to paint and it was a no go for me. Looks great though.
  17. MMD V Series Spoiler - Two Options on AM

    IMHO get the bolt on and drill. Mine didn't have a spoiler and I added one, drilling can be scary but take your time, measure 2 or three times, drill small pilot holes and then open them up as needed. If they don't send you a template don't freak out, I didn't have one and I used the old school...
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Got that trash OEM intercooler out and swapped it with a stepped one and decided while I had the nose off I'd install the new gloss black "Bullet" grilles I've had sitting in my living room for the past two months.
  19. How is your Aftermarket Intercooler on Your EcoBoost?

    You'll see more HP and torque but it's not that the car suddenly is making more power, it's more that the computer won't be pulling timing and robbing you of power. When the car heat soaks it can (and will) pull timing to protect itself and in the process you lose 20-30 HP. That is why most...