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  1. Daily Driver Mods

    Has made a difference sound wise. Bang for the buck understanding it's limitations. Since I never moved forward with wheel well or rear underseat sound deading I don't know how it might all have worked together. No issues for me from a durability perspective. Quality product, recommended.
  2. Sport 4 S. Cold temps, normal driving ?

    Great advice!! Totally second it. I'm now running UHP AS4s as summers since replacing the worn out PS4S last spring. Cares for the "gray area" here in the Boston area, particularly in the fall. No more temp anxiety! For a regular street driven car I don't feel you give up much performance vs the...
  3. Sport 4 S. Cold temps, normal driving ?

    I have direct experience with the PS4S. Like others here I heed the manufacturer warnings and have a separate set of winter wheels and tires I swap to since this is my DD. Since this is the case I have never had cracking issues. I have driven them in near freezing temps and like any tire in this...
  4. The Classic 10 Speed Reliability Question

    Just hit 57k with my 2020 HPP 10 speed. No issues so far.
  5. Finally took delivery of my 2023 Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L HPP

    Agreed, the Pirellis are bad. I do the summer/winter swap too. My Corsa4s lasted about 12k, replaced with Michelin PS4S..huge difference BUT still a summer only tire. I put them back on in the spring but they were pretty worn. Like you I went with AS. Michelin PSAS4. Love them! When did Ford...
  6. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    Mine is a 2020 daily driver, garaged and I'm retired so no commute. 56k miles, 0 issues so far. I refused the ESP. My last car was a 2011 Caddy CTS coupe and I loaded up on all kinds of insurance on that. You know what? Total waste of money I never used any of it!! These cars today are so good...
  7. Mustang Diorama

    Excellent!! Boys and their toys, really like those. Car nuts (me anyways) started as kids infatuated with cars and scale models were the way to make that real. Back in the day it was building plastic models. Pre built Diecast came later when I just didn't have the time but wanted the result.
  8. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    The likely reason it starts out with a regular production line car is that it needs a VIN for street registration. Ford is over the top producing specialty vehicles for sure!!
  9. Mustang Diorama

    Hi all, what an excellent thread! Love your diorama! I haven't gone that far but I do have a good sized collection of diecasts. Currently I display them on shelves in my den, and I rotate them. Currently on a Mustang theme. Attaching some pics. The majority are 1/24 scale. Some are 1/18 scale...
  10. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    I'd say call such a Ford "Thunderbird". Get back to the original early 50's competition, updated to today's mid engine level of sophistication. Ford has already re upped the trademark for the name after all...
  11. What do you do when people give you a thumbs up

    I do the hand up wave often to other Mustang drivers. Thumbs up too is just another way of expressing the shared passion for our favorite car. No different than Harley riders, Corvette owners, Jeep etc. I don't care if I get it back, but often I do. It's about YOUR enthusiasm, after all!
  12. What car did you come from?

    Well, my immediate predecessor was a 2011 Caddy CTS 3.6 coupe. I fell in love with the styling of that car! Totally American, nothing else like it on the road. I tweaked it also immediately with a mesh grill and rear round center exhaust treatment. I really liked the V coupe, but couldn't...
  13. Calling All Saddle Interior Owners

    I know the originator asked about tan with a green exterior. I think that would be a great combo! Mine is Rapid Red over the tan interior and I love it. Have received a number of compliments, since the vast majority out there are black. I've had a couple of other cars previous to this one with a...
  14. Rearview mirror image shakes at high speed

    Hi all, I'm always interested in vibration threads hoping to get feedback that might help with my own issues. I've had what seems to be different vibrations at speed with my car almost from new. Did all the usual stuff with wheels tires, balance, tire pressure, etc. Certainly helped . I had a...
  15. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    I'm an Ecoboost HPP /HP owner too. Three years since I brought it home on 3/2/2020 after a factory order Jan 2020. I was a young 62 at the time,. always wanted a Mustang!
  16. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    It is a multi layer soundproofing pad, around an inch and a half or so thick. Fairly heavy, probably 15-20 pounds. I don't keep anything in my trunk but wiping towels for washing so I have never been concerned about the additional weight. It also has a separate piece that can be removed if you...
  17. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    I agree with you. These cars are terrible with road noise in the rear. Many people have pulled all the panels and back seat to apply sound deadening. I didn't want to get into that so bought a full trunk mat from BLOCKIT. Goes right in over the existing carpet, etc. and is easily removed. Works...
  18. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    Young guy here, only 64. 65 in May.
  19. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    Wow, this is a really great onee! First car has to be here: 1967 Ford Fairlane XL 2d hardtop, 289 auto. Highland green, parchment interior. Then: 1972 Chevy Chevelle Malibu 350 convertible. 1978 Pontiac Formula Firebird 1984 Mercury Capri RS 5.0 My personal favorite: 1987 Ford Thunderbird...
  20. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    The Corvette color is called Night Race Blue Metallic.