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  1. ||| Tikbalang5.0 Build ||| A do everything style Build

    To be fair to the avalonking folks, I did only do one layer of ArmorShieldIX so there was probably a 25% chance or less it could've survived the winter up here 😆 i've been eyeing the Kamikaze Collection for awhile now (plus being able to read some Japanese helped fill in some lost in translation...
  2. ||| Tikbalang5.0 Build ||| A do everything style Build

    So small life update. Alot of things on hold right now. Mostly due to working temporarily in Chicago. Primary issue post winter season deep clean is that, well, my avalonking armorshield ix is definitely dead. But on the brightside, I'll be able to get away with doing a light hand paint...

    Post winter deep clean, ceramic coating is dead sadly but car cleaned up decently.
  4. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    Been a minute, finally caught a window to deep clean my car post winter. Sadly my ceramic coat was definitely finished (will post an update on my build thread).
  5. Shelby Super Snake Intro

    I'd expect it to be $150k on top of a base GT (following the same logic that was applied to the S550 shelby super snakes which was about $140k on top of an S550 GT). My two cents, the S650 super snake actually evokes some emotion in me (in a positive sense in terms of design). S650 imo has...
  6. High Mileage Gen 3's & how are they doing?

    Not high mileage but after 1.33 yrs of owning my 2023 GT/CS stick, the worst I've seen was ford pass gave me a knock detection as I was parking my car after a spirited drive. By the time I went into my apartment and grab my bluetooth obd ii reader, the code had already cleared itself. That...
  7. Well played, spider. 🕷️

    My study abroad in Japan can also confirm this. Went to the top of Beppu tower one night, at the top I swear there was a spyder (yeah I'm spelling it like this) that was bigger than my 9 inch phone at the time. Like it probably could've had my Huawei brick of a phone for dinner.
  8. Any Detroit area folks on this forum?

    Damn, when did this thread start popping off, another in Canton here (albeit I've been temporarily working in Chicago for another 2 weeks or so).
  9. Houston, we have a problem!

    I feel bad in saying this is old as shit now but yeah this is a thing. I have a friend in one of my discord groups (S550 owner) who's local to Houston. He literally stopped going to meetups because they are just getting swarmed by the headasses that ruin it for everyone else. It sucks that the...
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    So yesterday on my commute to the plant a trucker sent a small rock torpedoing into my windshield and gave that bitch a nice crack. Thankfully insurance &safelite handled that shit pretty quick, given how deep the crack was the result is pretty decent. I can still see where it was but the spot...
  11. Big insurance increase (State Farm)--anyone else?

    If you do Snapshot via your phone, I think they give you a determination for your discount after 6 months of driving. And as others have commented you can pause the tracking (for instances such as if you were on a race track or decide to drive like a neck on the street (referring to myself a bit...
  12. Remove decals to decrease cops attention, sleeper, etc? Will the m1 become a collector? You think people would want w/without decals? Real hood vents?

    Jokes on you because thats exact what I did and guess what it caused me to miss the window for that car 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Mustang handling

    As long as you don't have the brembos you can use the 17's. If you're looking for a handling build I'd try to go for 18's though. But you can see options for that fitment in the guide in the link I posted.
  14. Mustang handling

    https://apexwheels.com/fitment-guides/ford/mustang/ford-s550-mustang-wheel-and-tire-fitment-guide For wheels check the guide above and shop around, anything handling wise you want to step up to at least a 9.5 wide wheel in all four corners. Almost all handling builds are square setups. For...
  15. Mustang handling

    Depends on your starting point. Are you building from a performance pack or base model? Normally what if recommend as a former ecoboost owner. Upgrade the stock intercooler to protect the engine and keep it cool. Next make sure you upgrade the rubber (and wheels too). Any further suspension...
  16. Remove decals to decrease cops attention, sleeper, etc? Will the m1 become a collector? You think people would want w/without decals? Real hood vents?

    I beg to disagree on that color 😈😈😈 That said if I had the money at the time of ordering a mach1 would've been ordered, same logic as the 500, hell I'd have taken a gt350 because Chewbacca gargling is an experience. But I digress.
  17. Remove decals to decrease cops attention, sleeper, etc? Will the m1 become a collector? You think people would want w/without decals? Real hood vents?

    So from what I've seen having a car that looks highly modified (we are talking slammed to the ground with excessive exterior mods) will be the main things that will gather more attention. Just make sure you aren't driving like a neck ass if you do decide to put on a neck-ass driving playlist you...
  18. 285/35/20 vs 285/35/19

    FYI this is what 285/35-19 looks on 19x9.5 Depending on which tire manufacturer you go with it might look a little different/more or less buldge but this would give you some visual idea. In terms of looks I do agree with @NightmareMoon though. 285/35 just looks better but you will also most...
  19. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    Oh yeah I know, love that site. Let me not be lazy, here is tyre reviews lol https://www.tyrereviews.com/
  20. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    Yeah tires a rabbit hole in a rabbit hole known as suspension. But arguably they have the best return on investment. Highly recommend the youtube channel Tyre Reviews. Would also recommend visiting the website as well. Thank you good sir 🫡 yeah my biggest thing with 275/40 is that my car came...