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  1. Texas Mach 1 handling pack springs and sway bars.

    Set of springs and sway bars from a 2021 Handling Pack Mach 1. Upgrade your non HP car. $75 pick up Allen, Texas 75002.
  2. Lightweight CF Drive Shaft options Tremec!

    Anyone running lightweight CF DS from the Drive shaft Shop or QA1 on their 6 speed Tremec? Anyone have real world experience before I hit the button. Tremec 6 speed Mach 1 users only. https://www.beefcakeracing.com/dss-fdsh60-c/
  3. Texas BMR Jacking Rails $80

    BMR Jacking Rails for S550. Only on the car for a couple of weeks. $80. Pickup Only, North Texas 75002.
  4. Texas OEM Mach 1 HP wheels 19x11 For Sale.

    OEM Mach 1 Handling pack wheels for sale. $1500 These have a few thousand miles on them at the most PS4S tires. 315/30/19 and 305/30/19 Ceramic coated. Excellent condition. Pickup in Allen, Texas. Or I can meat at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur November 11-12 or COTA December 16-17th.
  5. Texas For sale, 2 sets of Apex wheels 19x11

    Apex SM10 wheels satin black. Front: 19x11" ET26 // Rear: 19x11” ET52. With Hancook Ventus RS4 tires 305/30/19. This setup has been used for one track day. Plenty of life in the tires. $1300, APEX SM10 wheels anthracite. 19x11" ET26 // Rear: 19x11” ET52. With well worn Goodyear Supercar3 tires...
  6. Texas Steeda Dual Rate lowering Springs NEW

    #555-8246 Steeda s550 Mustang Dual rate Ultimate handling lowering springs 15-21. NON-Magnaride New in box $125 local pickup in DFW/Allen, TX. I could probably ship them but it’s going to be expensive due to the weight.
  7. Mach 1 Aero

    Putting this out there, since I've not seen anyone do it. Has anyone done any aero upgrades to their Mach 1? Bigger splitter, big wing etc?
  8. Mach 1 Airbox

    Can anyone confirm if our air box is the same as the GT350? Anyone have the part number?
  9. GT350 steering wheel swap and PSA

    I had a new GT350 steering wheel with the red sight line and stitching sat in a box for a while, finally got around to putting it in the Mach 1. Love how it looks and it matches my other red stitching I have added (mats, seats and trim stitching) and I feel it suits the car better than the...
  10. Mach1 Brakes

    Does anyone have an answer to this, are our brakes just Brembo 6 piston front and single piston on the rear found on the Bullitt or GT PP pack? Nothing else different right? Has anyone put an aftermarket brake kit on and noticed a good improvement?
  11. 19x11 front wheels mach 1

    Looking to see if anyone runs a square 19x11 setup on their HP car? Apex don't have a 10.5, so I'm looking at doing ET52 19x11's all round.