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  1. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    Is there any detriment with FAOSC turned off and cats removed, does anything else need to be done?
  2. Ford ESP coverage question

    PremiumCare is an exclusionary coverage, ExtraCare is not. Meaning the ExtraCare will only cover the parts they list. Premiumcare will have a list of non covered items, the rest is covered.
  3. Craziest Mustang Paint Job?

    Paint job might not be crazy, but everything else is. It gets worse and worse every time I look at it.
  4. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    I can take a picture of a random MSO for you, if you want to do the editing.
  5. Road Trip Advice

    On any long trips driving 83-84mph, I typically get 27-28 mpg with a 2020 gt pp1.
  6. Transmission Replaced Under Warranty - Concerns

    if you get me a vin number, i can pull an original window sticker for you
  7. Hello everyone

    Thanks for the heads up, any recommendations?
  8. Hello everyone

    Funny you mention that. Floor liners are already already in. For now, I am just going to enjoy it. At some point I will replace the shifter though. A few other mods further down the road once I start to get bored.
  9. Hello everyone

    Thank you for having me. My name is Chris. Just picked up my 2020 GT Premium Pp1.