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  1. Oem 18" rims

    Widest possible
  2. Tire wear

    Uneven tire wear in the rear inside burns out first why is this
  3. Spring start up

    Good day all sun is starting to get warmer and iching to start her up what's a good minimum temperature near been started all winter also live in western quebec region of Canada today high +3C
  4. Moisture much

    I didn't realize how much moisture is in the ground
  5. Inlet temp -1c

    does she ever come alive breathing cold crisp air man I love this thing hate that it's the last weekend before nap time
  6. Future value

    Question would keeping my car oem hold its value more then adding a simple exausht to it drive less then100 km on sunny weekends in the summer this car will be handed down for generations 🤞
  7. Tire choice for real spirited driving

    Looking to change my cooked p zero nero rear tires any advice am a weekend driver that peals out all the time need a tire that last longer then four weekend couple line locks and many sideways corners plz help