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  1. Guys, how important is the “Shelby” name to the enjoyment of your car?

    Air Jordans from design to technology were often a cut above mainline Nike basketball products. The Jordan Brand line outside of Air Jordans were more typical of their Nike counterparts.
  2. Guys, how important is the “Shelby” name to the enjoyment of your car?

    For me, the GT350 is just so enjoyable to own, drive, wash, dry and admire that I don't think the name is that important. I do think the name is key to the project being greenlit in the first place so it's hard to see the product without the marketing. I do love the snake badges though, as a kid...
  3. Max speed on the GT350

    As in forced induction? I'd think/hope it'd be faster.
  4. 5.2L FPC Voodoo v 5.5L FPC LT6 "Project Gemini"

    There's so much doom and gloom around this car. I have a 2016, it's my daily, has 41k miles and I love it. I want to maintain it as much as possible as well but so often the conclusion seems to be that you can't really due to its design. I'm getting an extended warranty for peace of mind but I...
  5. I think I castrated my Shelby….and I’m not happy about it

    Probably because I'm listening in my phone speakers, but the aftermarket exhaust doesn't really sound better than stock. I'd like to hear the looks in person - does it void the power train warranty?
  6. GT350 on the Nürburgring driven by Misha Charoudin

    I hope someone brings an R on cup 2s for him to drive. It's always a pleasant surprise to see Mischa behind the wheel of a GT350.
  7. New member and warranty question

    Try zeigler. I'm looking to purchase a warranty for my 2016 as well.
  8. Voodoo engines available through Ford Racing catalog

    Same thing I want to know.
  9. R&T stated that Voodoo is close to 600HP instead of 526HP

    This thread really, really delivered.
  10. Key Fob debacle

    I followed this advice, glad to have access to the car again. Thanks to everyone who chimed in.
  11. Key Fob debacle

    I bought a 2016 GT350 a year ago, great car literally love it. It came with only one key fob and during the seven hour drive home from purchasing it I engaged the "mykey" setting for the key fob. This prevented the car from using additional drive modes and to remedy this I bought a Bluetooth...
  12. Has anyone gotten this shift knob (or anything) from Auto Fanatic?

    I like their car care products.
  13. OXFORD WHITE GT350/R Thread

    G5060 2016 Track Pack FA engine code Love it!
  14. what's the going rate for an oil change at a dealership?

    An oil change at my dealer (New Orleans Metro area) is $225 :/
  15. GT350/R Engine Build Date codes

    Someone give us an explanation, I think about this from time to time is my car really a 2015 😅
  16. GT350/R Engine Build Date codes

    My 2016 GT350 has FA designation, but was built in 2016. I thought FA was only for the 2015 MY.
  17. GT350 Owners Supplement and Filter Wrench locater database

    I tracked down the original owner of my car, we had a nice chat on IG, I thought we could work out a deal for the supplement but he stopped responding. G5060.
  18. Spoiler Question - Help Please

    I took my track spoiler off yesterday to install the GT350/500 "swing". The holes in the trunk lined up perfectly for the new wing. You shouldn't have any issues. Let me know if you're interested in swapping.
  19. Ford Performance GT350 shift knob

    Wow that is atrocious definitely sending this back.