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  1. OEM Windshield Replacement

    Well, after 48000 miles and multiple previous hits finally got a big windshield crack with a direct hit going up Snoqualmie Pass while visiting in Seattle. I'm assuming there is an oem windshield replacement available? Any one with experience or advice on best company to do the job? Will be...
  2. Curiouser and curiouser

    Well an interesting thing has happened with my 2017 GT350. Now has 35,000 miles and have driven it the same manner the entire life of car (let's just say a radar detector and a lot of spirited driving when it's safe). Although initial oil use was one quart at 3300 miles, had settled down to one...
  3. Reason For XS Oil Usage?

    Not bitchin'. Some cars use oil and some don't, mine being in the former group. Haven't seen anything yet on exactly what the most common reason is and I suspect there probably is just one for 90% of cases. Lots of speculation but has anyone addressed this on their car and fixed it...
  4. 2019 Oil Usage

    Just curious. Supposedly the newer engines have fixed the oil consumption issues experienced by some with earlier models. Presumably there are now some 2019s out there that have 5000-7000 miles on them after the first oil change and before it is necessary to do the second. Are all of them...
  5. Speed Cameras

    Took a trip to visit my daughter in Portland, OR. Come from a state without them so never gave it a thought but received a letter from that city a week later with a nice picture of me in my GT350 saying I was doing 41 in a 30 and would I please pay them some revenue. Why people in those states...
  6. More First Thoughts

    Picked up 17 GT350 AG, black roof and stripes few hours ago. 222 miles later: Used Trakktape but didn't cover front fenders far enough back so a few bugs to clean but overall worked great. If you use it go at least halfway back over the wheel wells. Despite probably not being necessary, put...
  7. CPC for FPC?

    Just wondering so if this is a stupid question just ignore. Somewhere in the future at 36,001 miles not on extended warranty the Voodoo craps out for whatever reason and needs to be replaced for beaucoup bucks. Would it be reasonable to consider a 5.2L CPC crate engine as a replacement? Would...
  8. Regrets not getting PPF?

    A week from delivery and leaning toward ppf but have to travel and stay somewhere while it's installed which is a PITA so still on the fence. Anyone not get ppf and willing to own up their regret to convince me it's worth it or were you happy with your decision and sleeping at night just fine...
  9. Question for Track Pack Owners

    Contrary to some Tech owners, haven't read anything negative so far from Track pack owners. Other than cosmetic blemishes, anybody with a Track pack have the least disappointment?

    Seems like this is going to be most fun to drive above 4000 rpm even in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gear sustained especially on an accommodating road. Any body who ordered Tech pack concerned about lack of extra coolers for non track use of this car? Wonder what duration of and height of rpm use would be...
  11. One More Reason To Buy GT350

    So the DOJ buckles and all government motors car buyers now have to come up with $900 million in added costs to pay off the fine, not the execs who covered up the problem. Bad on GM. A GT350 is already a far better deal than a Camaro and it just got a helluva lot better.
  12. Driving Advice

    Watched "Bullitt" the other night and for first time noted what sounds like tons of double clutching during chase scene. Driven manual most of my life, never double clutched. Wonder if any advice out there from aficionados of high rev engines on getting the most fun out of driving this car.
  13. Gone in Sixty Seconds

    OK you got it at MSRP. A little left over for radar/laser toys in case you want to go 1-2 mph over. However you're not gonna live in it or just rev the engine in the garage so how do you foil the Nicholas Cage wannabe who avoids haggling over ADM, especially if you use it as a DD?
  14. Any Performance Problems

    Before spending 60-80K for a first year car, would be nice to know if anyone has or has heard insider info on any problems so far with GT350 performance.