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  1. I have questions for Boosted Methicans

    All good points Chris. You and I actually talked a while back on this when I was going through some troubleshooting and you had some good ideas to try out for sure. In my case, the tank and pump are in the trunk and nozzle in the charge pipe about 18" from the throttle body. I tried a lot of...
  2. I have questions for Boosted Methicans

    I started with a Snow kit but may have gotten a bad unit because it was too slow on the triggering, I measured about a 1-1.5sec delay from when the boost target was hit and meth would start spraying. Moved over to an Alky setup which has been much better at spraying when its supposed to. I...
  3. Boosted GT and Fried Cats

    You might want to check out the thread I started a few weeks back this. My cats went out after about 10k miles. Went with deletes and bought another set of factory manifolds and welded a flange to the cats for easy removal/install. Catless was too loud for me so I added additional resonators to...
  4. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Ya I would say the only place I really hear any rasp is on a cold start. After that, it’s pretty much gone. And the volume level is very comparable to the stock system. I will say I think the overall tone sounded slightly better stock. But catless with these resonators in is a very similar...
  5. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    I didn't do any specific before and after videos. But I did record this for a different thread to show some driving characteristics of the car. This was with cats in place, stock resonator, and stock active mufflers. So this was my baseline that I was tryin to get close to with the volume levels...
  6. My Review of Wengerd Performance Tuning

    Thats a Scosche Mount. Im sure there are others out there that do the same thing. I really like them as they are low profile and hold the phone well. Only downside is you have to add a metal plate to your phone/case and some cases can be harder to get the metal to stick to.
  7. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Here is some audio. This was just off my GoPro so take that for what its worth. Didn't have the time to do any drive by or outside the car shots but this should give you an idea of the sound/noise level. Start up is a cold start after sitting for about 12 hours, temps were in the 50s.
  8. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Happy to report that the ultra quiet resonators did the trick. Since sound is subjective in terms what what people consider loud or sounds good, I would say the volume is very similar to the stock active exhaust. Due to the resonators and the tone, I would say in some place it may be a touch...
  9. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    That's good to know. I have one of the magnaflow resonated x pipes on my bench as well. I keep going back and forth on which one to try first, but leaning towards the vibrants first.
  10. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Ya, they are definitely close. I think you may be able to get them mounted close to the stock cat position, but it could take some custom bending to make sure they clear everything.
  11. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Thanks. The ones I'm talking about are these: They are essentially a mini muffler. I don’t think it will be night and day but realistically if I can cut about 20% of the volume and rasp down I think that would get me where I want.
  12. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Here is a link: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/attachments/tsb-19-2201-pdf.391583/ Good feedback so far. I ordered a set of vibrant ultra quiet resonators, they are a bitt different and quite a bit more substantial than the normal bullet style resonators- I had one of these on my truck after...
  13. P0430 Code Procharged w/stock cats

    8 min of idle looking at the rear o2 voltage: And another 4min idle, it seems like I get different results each time I do this so I don't know what normal is supposed to look like:
  14. P0430 Code Procharged w/stock cats

    Alright, got a set of OEM cats from ebay, that were supposedly pulled off for long tubes at about 10k miles. It seems my o2 and cat readiness monitors are not wanting to set so I decided to look at the rear o2 sensor voltages. This was at idle Red is Bank 2. It looks like they both have a few...
  15. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    So based on the handful of replies so far it sounds like I likely won’t be able to quiet things much then. I wish there was a good middle ground but it sounds like that may not be a thing. I will say the car is not ridiculously loud, just louder than I’d like. I feel like if could shave off 20%...
  16. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Ok ya same general use case that I have then. I did a few pulls with mine closed just to see what would happen and it was nothing good so they have been reserved for early morning/late night neighborhood and mellow drives with the wife.
  17. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Great to know. No issues with running with it closed then? I can drive around with the stock ones closed up until I’m around 5k rpm but thats usually when I see it start to pull some timing back.
  18. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Several data logs have shown that is exactly what happens though. The factory active exhaust valves open at wot even in quiet mode, so if I leave them shut the whole time, it would make sense that there is some restriction being introduced to the system. Worth pointing out this is also with...
  19. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    I would say more than likely. They were oem cats. I did find out after that happened that 18-early 19s had tsb for cat failure so they sound like they were a little weak to begin with. I have a set off a 2020 now that I picked up used but am worried they will just get ruined again.
  20. Quietest setup with cat deletes?

    Thanks junior, what I haven’t been able to get a solid understanding of is if the Borla or Magnaflow resonators are quieter, louder or about the same as the oem resonator. I’ve read comments from people that vary wildly on that.