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  1. Oil catch can (not your typical redundant questions about OCC’s thread)

    Can it be emptied back into the crankcase, or is it too risky with dirt, etc.?
  2. Mustang Magazines

    I like reading magazines, too. Like you, if I am flipping through a book or a magazine, I find myself reading things I wouldn't have read otherwise. If it's on the internet, I am usually searching specifically for it. I have learned so many things over the years by finding myself reading...
  3. Mustang Magazines

    Mustang Monthly was the best magazine in my opinion. They randomly stopped publishing 2 or 3 years ago with no advance warning. As Crew said, if you join the Mustang Club of America, you get the Mustang Times. It has good articles in it and covers all years of Mustangs. That's about all...
  4. Part number for OEM replacement decklid panel

    Thanks! I think I'll price a new one first. I'll let you know if I'm interested. Mine has a couple of scratches. They are so sensitive!
  5. Part number for OEM replacement decklid panel

    I’d be interested in the part number for the 2019 panel with the solid black GT badge, too. Hard to find. I don’t want to replace it with a plain one, and I don’t want to lose my badge.
  6. Ford x-plan

    You have a Mustang, join the Mustang Club of America and you get the Ford X-Plan. www.mustang.org https://mustang.org/about/benefits/
  7. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    It looks like we have a winner, winner, chicken dinner! @Epiphany is right! Although it’s obviously not mid-engine, it is the GTD debuting tomorrow. https://fordauthority.com/2023/08/ford-mustang-gtd-leaks-ahead-of-debut/
  8. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    I'm not sure the GTD car is what the article is referring to. The GTD car looks like a Mustang race car, not a mid-engine car. Unless it is electric, where is the space for the engine in the GTD car?
  9. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    So….what are the thoughts on this? Is it a real production car, a race car, or a hoax? https://fordauthority.com/2023/08/ford-to-debut-mid-engine-mustang-this-thursday-exclusive/
  10. Will the Ford Performance Oil-air separator work with Power Pack 2?

    I’ve noticed the ones that say it works have a 2017. Has anyone installed this on a 2018 Gen3 and up GT with the Ford Performance Power Pack?
  11. Virginia Ford Performance Oil-Air Separator 5.0L Coyote

    Email sent. Interested in this…
  12. Pedal upgrade?

    No, I’ve not had any problem with that.
  13. Pedal upgrade?

    I put these on mine: https://accessories.ford.com/products/brushed-aluminum-sport-pedals-for-manual-transmission I love having them, but I’ll be honest, you can barely see them, the way the pedals are up under the dash. It’s kind of a thing for just yourself, no one else will ever know they...
  14. What is the thickness of windshield (adding molding)

    If you ask for OEM, they will use OEM glass, they "might" ask you to pay the difference, but you don't have to get an aftermarket windshield unless you are ok with whatever they use. I had to replace my windshield, and I asked for Ford OEM glass and they used it.
  15. Performance Pack 2 Splitter on a GT

    Yeah, it's probably too expensive, I can be a sucker for OEM sometimes. I am liking this one a lot, gives the look at a lot less price: https://www.americanmuscle.com/mp-concepts-mustang-chin-spoiler-407847.html
  16. Performance Pack 2 Splitter on a GT

    Has anyone with a regular GT installed the Ford Performance splitter? The part number is M-16601-MPP? I’m curious if it is a pretty simple driveway installation with no modifications and all that? Here is what I’m talking about...
  17. Cars you regret not buying

    There are two that haunt me. 1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary Special Edition - I thought it was so cool at the time, with the new edge styling and the honeycomb rear and other styling cues. 2003 Mustang Mach 1 - I kept going to look at it, but just never could spend the money on it. Thiose...
  18. 2019 mustang gt base radio swap with used OEM base radio with built in cd player.