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  1. Car back at the dealership....Wont go into Reverse

    Whats the latest on this issue?
  2. Lots-o-Bullitts For Sale

    Try selling to a Ford dealer. They would most def take it from you and re-sell it!.
  3. Bullitt car cover

    Good Choice!.. Love the color!
  4. Pennsylvania FS: Bullitt OEM cover

    This didn't take long!! :like:
  5. RIP Diego Maradona

    One of soccer’s greatest players passed away today. You will be missed :frown: Diego Maradona, a soccer genius who played the game with joy, is dead at 60
  6. Bullitt Poster

    This^.. I got mine free.
  7. NAV finds wrong position for address in Chicago (~1 mile off)

    You could try a master reset. This sometimes "fixes" annoying issues like that.
  8. radio issue

    If the unit is stock /frozen and nothing works, unplug the battery for about 5-10 mins. Try that and report back.
  9. SavageGeese's 2020 GT500 in-depth review "Where does it end?"

    I liked it. Have to say I was Surprise to see a somewhat positive review. They haven't been to kind of the S550 platform.
  10. Differences between 2019 and 2020

    ^ Most accurate info right here!
  11. 2019-2020 Bullitt Mustang M6G Owners' Registry

    Wrong thread for your sales pitch!
  12. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    The app, voice and gracenote packages are the same... sort of!