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  1. Heated/Cooler Powered Recaros Coming?

    I don’t think so, as they mentioned in the video it was a local shop (in Europe) and the links in this thread are for some US based car seat shop. I wonder how easy it would be to swap the bases, looks like there might be welding/rivots involved.
  2. Heated/Cooler Powered Recaros Coming?

    The heated/cooled Recaro seats are for sale, but the price is absolutely ridiculous: https://www.oemcarandtruckseats.com/products/custom-ford-mustang-recaro-seats-heated-cooled-powered-2015-2023
  3. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    They have 2021s mfg date closeouts for the same price rn
  4. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    Thats a good deal, I see they are still on tirerack for that price if anyones interested. Even cheaper after rebate
  5. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    Your loss, they ride great and hook fine for me. Already took it past 100+mph. I guess we will see in 20k miles how they hold up.
  6. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    Exactly this. Stop spending ridiculous amounts of money for the big name brand tires. This is what’s keeping the prices up. All this “it’s a safety item” or “it’s the only part that touches the road” is massive cope. Name brand tire companies are basically bending you over backwards for no...
  7. Aftermarket seats with heating and cooling?

  8. Heated/Cooler Powered Recaros Coming?

    I don’t think anything, they are probably just mistaken.
  9. Heated/Cooler Powered Recaros Coming?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe EU Recaros are powered but not heated/cooled.
  10. Heated/Cooler Powered Recaros Coming?

    I just stumbled on this blog: https://www.oemcarandtruckseats.com/blogs/news/2015-2020-mustang-recaro-seats-heated-cooled-powered This could be a game changer for me. Ive been looking at ways to switch to Recaros but keep the heated/cooling function. Figured I’d share the news. Hope they...
  11. Stiffening up the Stang

    I don’t think it will help. In fact, hitting the brakes mid oversteer can make it worse since you shift the weight up front. It is hard to learn when these cars start to step out, the steering is vague and the seat is isolated. thankfully, when the Torsen does lock up it’s pretty predictable...
  12. Illinois FS: Mach 1 Non-HP Base Bullitt Wheels with MICHELIN PS4

    For sale are my Mach 1 non-HP Base wheels. These are the same as the Bullitt wheels. Wrapped in PS4s Fronts: 255/45r19 Rears: 275/45r19 Tires have about 16k on them. I would say they have 4k miles left. Fronts are about 4.5 - 5 mm left of depth. Rears are about 3.5 - 4 mm left. $700 OBO...
  13. Illinois FREE OEM Mach 1 non-HP Base Sway Bars and Springs

    OEM Mach 1 non-HP Base Sway Bars and Springs Switched to stiffer springs for track use, these have about 16k miles on them. These should fit any magneride mustang Can meet in most areas of Chicago. Can ship if really needed (expect $100-$150 in S&H fees) FREE!!!
  14. Brake Fluid Change?

    Water is heavier than brake fluid true, but it will not collect near your caliper UNLESS the brake fluid is saturated with water to begin with (after 2-3 years or so) - at which point the water will precipitate out and you will have actual separation. At least that is my basic chemistry...
  15. Brake Fluid Change?

    Brake fluid saturated with water will not cause an immediate failure. To be honest, checking for cracks or old brake hoses/rusted lines is way more important than wet BF. Wet BF will have a lower boiling point, ie your brakes get softer quicker after repetitive use. So there will be signs. The...
  16. Brake Fluid Change?

    Not sure why a lot of folk in this thread think brake fluid is trashed after water absorption. All brake fluid will be saturated with water after a couple years, they will still work after though. A lot of brake fluids specify wet braking temp before boiling. Pick a fluid that does well if...
  17. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    Extended oil change intervals may not cause harm, but it will build up varnish and perhaps wear out the timing components, bearings/journals/skirts faster. Only way to tell is an oil analysis sent to a lab. also if you have a 10qt pan, the oil level being low isn’t concerning unless you redline...
  18. BBQ tick S650?

    For what it’s worth, I did not have the tick after my first oil change (Amsoil 0w30). It was not till my second oil change (Kirkland 5w30) where it immediately started after the car warmed up.
  19. Dark Horse

    DH has 4 piston rears, like the GT350 and unlike the PP1/mach1. DH front rotor size is bigger than mach1/pp1 so it is equivalent to gt350 brakes. I don’t disagree with the rest, voodoo engine is great but it has reliability issues no question. The forged rods on the dark horse seem pointless...