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  1. 2016 GT black hood vents with turn signal

    These came off a 2016 black GT so they are black gloss. Asking $100 shipped
  2. SOLD - PMAS Intake 2 filters - tune required $125 p/u $140 shipped

    Tune required PMAS intake. Has the coolant relocation bracket and an extra filter for no down time when cleaning. $125 picked up in Boston area or Mansfield area Massachusetts or $140 shipped in the continental US
  3. HRE FF15 19x10 wheels and tires with TPMS for sale eastern MA

    Just added some pics in new posts below of how they looked on my car. Also swapped out the old dirty pics for cleaned new pics. My garage is also a woodshop so it gets dusty in there. This time I cleaned up and wrapped them up in plastic and hopefully dust doesnt get through. I bought these...
  4. Local with Solo Mach-XV willing to trade for my Mach Thunder?

    Anyone local with a Mach XV resonator willing to trade for a Mach Thunder? The Mach thunder is a tad too loud for my liking. If you do we can do the work at my house, I've got a 2 post lift :like:
  5. Lund Tune with PMAS Intake - MA Inspection

    Hey does anyone have the Lund 93 tune with an intake in MA? Do you have any issues with getting your inspection done? I asked my dealer to do the state inspection and the SA held off on it fearing it might be rejected. Thanks
  6. Front wheel has play

    Anyone else developed any ball joint issues up front? I have a GT PP with 17050 miles and my front left wheel started making creaking noises occasionally when turning the steering wheel or very slowly coasting over bumps and imperfections on a road like in a parking lot. I had my car up on...
  7. Do you block your hood vent over your CAI?

    I have a PMAS intake and have looked at where the hood vent goes over the intake. I haven't figured if it'd be an issue with water as long as it's not a carwash blasting water in the hole. Do you block off the vent? Am I supposed to? What do you use?
  8. Speherical bearings vs delrin

    I know spherical are stiffer but what are their noise characteristics like? Do they squeak and creak? I have the steeda vertical links with the black delrin and they are driving me crazy. I can sometimes get them to stop creaking but then for whatever reason they come back and get super...
  9. Power Steering Noise

    There's a weird squeaking/creaking/whirring that I'm starting to hear if I have to turn the wheel fairly quickly like when parallel parking or turning 90 degrees. The noise can be replicated simply turning the wheel left and right. At first I thought it was just inside but with the door open...
  10. Convertible Bracing, Aftermarket?

    Are there any aftermarket manufacturers that are planning on replacing the big hunk of steel OEM bracing underneath the convertible? At least with something that will be compatible with all the goodies the coupe can have? :shrug:
  11. Rear passenger seat panel rattle mystery fix

    I found a rattle in the driver side rear seat area. [ame] If it sounds metallic it might be this. Certain vibrations would make it rattle and with my new mach thunder exhaust at certain rpms it will rattle too. A flap of the body panel isn't tight or something and it vibrates. The video...
  12. Need Exhaust Part, any know part #?

    Ok so a while ago I didn't think I wanted to buy a catback exhaust and made a booboo and had an exhaust shop cut out the resonator and they welded in an H pipe. Fast forward a few months. I want the Solo Mach Thunder. I was all concerned that the H pipe is now welded to the pipes that come...
  13. wtf is this found in my convertible arm well??

    It looks like some sort of spreader or trim tool. Probably factory worker dropped it in my car during build? Is it a part of my convertible top? It was rattling around behind the panel of the rear driver side speaker sometimes under specific road conditions and it was pissing me off. :tsk:
  14. Help! Mcgard lug nut snapped and still stuck on

    I was trying to remove this lock nut, I was using a long 1/2 ratchet. All the sudden it went CRACK and this is what I ended up with. Part of it is broken all the way down to the cone tip at the end exposing all the stud thread. It was dark so it's hard to get a picture. The wheel is in the...
  15. Ngage vs handheld sct

    I kind of want the handheld sct instead of the ngage since I don't want to mount it on my windshield. Is there a difference between the two like some pros and cons? Thanks
  16. Convertible clunk/thud noise upon closing

    I haven't been able to track it down and pin point it but a few times now I close my top and as I'm walking away I hear a thud noise happen. Anyone having that happen to them? I've tapped things with my hands to see if I can recreate the noise, sounds like the noise it makes if you do a...
  17. Another shifting thread

    Yes yes, sorry to create this but I'm really having trouble with this car with it's 1 to 2 shift. I've read all about the rev hang and feel like it's stopping me from being able to launch faster. At any revs in 1st I'd press the clutch in to go to 2nd but I will always get it into 2nd before...
  18. Two Piece Rotors, do they all make noise?

    I've seen the true floating rotors and those clank around but are there "street" 2 piece rotors that don't clank together and make a racket? I'm interested in losing unsprung weight but not at the cost of making a bunch of noise. Thanks!
  19. GT350 active exhaust to GT

    Has anyone done this? Would it bolt on to a convertible? Just poking at a alternative to the Roush system.
  20. Trade: My GT PP wheels, tires, tpms for your Ecoboost PP wheels

    I'm in the Boston area in MA I don't have my car yet, eta is March 29th. I'd like to offer up my GT PP wheels to trade for the Ecoboost PP wheels. I'd at least want the wheels and tpms, tires too would be preferred. I'm willing to meet 50-100miles out if need be. Thanks! :)