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  1. Exhaust noise

    Sounds almost like a rattle at higher speeds Usually never at low speeds. Idle and reving doesn't trigger it. What's the easiest way to tell if it's the heat shield or something else. Besides the obvious of taking off the heat shield. Borla ATAK Cat-back exhaust
  2. Found the problem [ Update ]

    All it needed was an alignment and a balance. Drives ridiculously smooth now at 110+. :)
  3. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Had a barrel bent rim back passenger, replaced it by Ford to a brand new one. They only charged me 25$ for the tire swap to the new rim. [ paid for the rim ]. I thought that would of solved the float before but for some reason it's still there. Could ford of not done an alignment and or balance...
  4. Hp/torque question

    Would like to know what HP/torque I'll be at after getting stainless works cat-less headers/e85/ID1050 injector plugs. Current set up is Borla ATAK Cat-back exhaust/ 2018 ported manifold w/IRMC lock outs/PMAS velocity cold air intake/e93 tuned by Luis Ortiz. 2016 GT/CS also getting gear ratio to...
  5. 2016 GT/CS center console updating ?

    Is there any plug-in/flash option to update my touch screen center console so it isn't slow and has more of a modern appearance for the screen/settings etc without getting a new console all together.
  6. Head gasket ?

    2 videos one is cold start, the 29 second one is me coming back from an hour long drive, not sure because coolant levels are the same, it doesn't smell like anything burning and it's 32 degrees F. Idk just seems like a lot, and while I still have it under warranty rather get it checked if it...
  7. 2018 ported manifold cai question

    I currently have a 15-17 PMAS Cai on my 2016 GT/CS, will be having a 2018 ported manifold installed, will I need to swap to a 2018+ pmas or JLT cai or can I use the 15-17 version. My main question is will it fit correctly? Would like to figure it out before shelling out more $ if I don't have to.
  8. Oil pump/gears and labor $

    First question are these 2 compatible 2nd question, what am I looking at for labor costs for installation, i have called multiple shops non have gotten back to me on cams/oil pump and gears/headers labor install cost. Trying to find a flat rate [ especially for the headers and oil pump and...
  9. New Exhaust

    Just had the Borla ATAK Cat-back exhaust installed. It sounds ridiculously good really raspy and mean above 3k rpm. Very happy with the choice. Decently loud as well :).
  10. Update/decision

    Just got Borla ATAK cat-back exhaust. Emailed back from Roush and they will not warrenty any a supercharger as a 2016 GT/CS is apparently too old. So now I have to decide if I void the 3 year/36k mile extended warrenty I got and have a VMP supercharger installed along with engine sleeved/forged...
  11. Noise

    Sounds like a very light tic tic tic tic from and only from right back side [ had to guess would be exhaust ] happens at low rpm at low speed or higher speed but just cruising. Not always there, comes and goes. As per prior thread I swapped out aftermarket cold air put stock on for a week and...
  12. Building from ground up

    I want to do this the right way with adding a supercharger. What all do I need done to engine/rear before adding a supercharger. Looking to get around 900rwhp. Right now everything is stock minus PMAS velocity cold air and J&L driver/passenger catch cans. 2016 gt/cs. Advice greatly welcomed ty.
  13. Right tailpipe noise

    Just bought a used 2016 GT/CS 27k miles. Just bought and added a PMAS high velocity cold air intake and J&L catch cans. Prior to adding there was no noise [ can only describe it as either a low sputtering noise at low rpms or almost like if you put a base ball card in your bike tire as a kid...