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  1. oil and filter slight rattle on startup

    sorry guys and girls...what evevy ones go to oil and oil filter in the UK
  2. 3-4k rpm fast rattle under load with video

    ...medium to heavy throttle under load. Does not do it stationary and reving nor does it do it on a slow rev up to 4k while driving. Only when i get into it. My gut is telling me tensioners that i already had replaced at 19k miles. Car has 65k.. take a listen. Almost like a rattle snake sound.
  3. [Track Car] 2019 Mustang GT strange rattle at 2300 ish RPM

    Hello! I have a strange sound coming from the driver/passenger footwell that not only happens when starting the car but also around 2300 RPM down to 2000 RPM in 2nd - 5th gear. I have attached a video below, the noise can be reproduced very easily. I just get in one of the gears as stated do a...
  4. Front Suspension Rattle - Continued.

    Update on that original post. One clunk is fixed but an annoying rattle still exists. Neither I or any suspension shop can figure it out. Wasn’t sure if anyone here has heard this rattle and can give me pointers. What’s been done: OEM: New struts, new mounts, original upper control arms...
  5. Engine rattle , not mustang

    This engine rattles when throttle equals no acceleration or deceleration. Steady speed like 75 on the freeway. If I add gas it stops and if I let off the gas it stops? Any ideas?
  6. Engine Rattle

    Hello, I just bought a 2021 Mustang GT 6 Speed with 18k miles but unfortunately I’m hearing a very strange rattling/grinding noise coming from my engine on slight acceleration. It sounds the worst around 2k-3k RPM. I’ve attached a video but it definitely sounds a lot louder in person.
  7. Engine Rattle

    Hello, I just bought a 2021 Ford Mustang GT Manual with 18k miles but I’m hearing a very strange noise coming from the engine bay. Sounds like a rattling noise under slight acceleration. Sounds the worst around 2k-3k RPM. I’ve attached a video but it does sound a lot louder in person. Anyone...
  8. Engine Rattle

    Hello, I just bought a 2021 Mustang GT Manual with 18k miles but am hearing a very strange noise coming from the engine bay under slight acceleration. It’s worse between 2-3k RPM. I’ve attached a video but the noise is way louder in person and it’s driving me crazy.
  9. Active Exhaust Troubles: Rattle & Mode Selection Errors on Corsa Setup

    ...‘mode selection not available’. Now, the car won’t stay in quiet, sport, or track mode – keeps defaulting to normal. Also, there’s this crazy rattle from the driver’s side exhaust. Sounds like a soda can bouncing around in there. The car’s sound is somewhere between quiet and normal mode...
  10. Anyone else have factory exhaust clamps start to rattle?

    I have tightened it down a few times and the rattle comes back. Probably going to need some new ones. They aren't cheap at $98.00
  11. 2017 GT Blob & Rattle

    ...week or two later I found a glob of black sticky stuff in glove box. Removed box and did not find anything obvious where it had come from. The rattle sounds like windshield washer line tapping on sheet metal. Gets worse when driving into a strong head wind. No other problems. Planning on...
  12. Active exhaust valve rattle fix

    19 gt with ae , in quiet its fine and track its fine , the other two modes it sounds like crap with the rattle .
  13. Exhaust rattle during acceleration

    exhaust rattle during acceleration. I attached a video to this post for further context. i believe the rattling noise is coming from here. does anyone know if i can replace this part i had friend thats a mechanic take a look and said the exhaust hangers are fine.
  14. Rear Passenger Rattle

    Anyone else experiencing a rattling noise from the rear passenger area? It’s only if I hit a bump only on that side, if the entire car or the driver side hits a bump I don’t hear it. It kind of sounds like hard plastic on metal, not quite metal on metal but I could be wrong. I initially thought...
  15. Rear Seat area Rattle??

    Anyone deal with this rattle in the backseats of the s550? I cannot for the life of me find it. I know a lot of people get the passenger side rear rattle but mine is the driver side. I think it has to do with the c pillar and the airbag canister in it. But I’ve tried felt pads, microfibers. So...
  16. Gauge screen rattle.

    Anyone else’s doing it? I’m sure some foam tape would fix it. Lol. There is a decent gap behind it and I'm wondering if it needs to be tightened up. Doesn’t do it all the time but it’s there and it’s kinda annoying.
  17. rattle

    Driving me crazy. I cannot for the life of me find this rattle. 22 ecoboost A10 premium. At idle in gear only, rattle sounds like under the car. More of a low pitch rattle, as if something were hitting the floorboard. Yet, I get under it and can't see or hear anything rattling. ONLY at low...
  18. Loud rattle behind door handle only when latched

    ...the car, located behind the handle on the inside of the drivers side door. When I pull open and open the door and bang on the door it doesn’t rattle at all. I’ve already taken it apart many times and can’t find any loose pieces, have put foam strips everywhere without help. What else can I...
  19. Ratle coming from under short shifter

    Hello everyone. I got a 2021 Mustang gt 14k miles . In any gear any rpm it rattles i believe is under short shifter if I maintain my speed is goes again as soon I gain speed or accelerate rattles begin till I let of gas . Hope you guys can help me .
  20. Is this the 2K rattle?

    Is this the notorious 2K rattle or is this something to be concerned about? I feel like this has gotten much more noticeable the last few months.