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  1. McQueen Edition Owners out there?

    Hi. I am just curious if there are any Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt owners on these forums? It would be nice to see pictures from actual owners.
  2. Steeda R5 wheel

    Back in September, pre-orders opened up for this wheel in black. I was wondering if any forum members ordered this. If so, did any of you receive them or at least get an update when you will? I would love to see how these look on your cars.
  3. Need advice on vertical links (brand, materials)

    Hello. I plan on installing BMR CB010 cradle lockout Level 1, Steeda alignment kit, may or may not do LCA bearing from Steeda or the standard from BMR. I am looking at BMR and J&M for vertical links. Anybody have experience with J&M? Their links are priced very competitively even against BMR's...
  4. Rocker stripes: BigWorm vs. RPI, any difference?

    Hello. I am planning to get some rocker stripes. BigWorm has them for 69.95 and RPI has them for 49.95. They both have Black Friday sales and RPI still much cheaper. My question is what's the difference? If they are both of equal quality then I'd go with the RPI, unless they aren't durable...
  5. Youtube post regarding shorties vs. longtubes

    Hi. I found this post on youtube from Guy Gordon on his decision to use shorties over longtubes. He is the first person I have seen who is aginst longtubes. What do you guys make of his claims? Ths literally goes against all I have read up on. "Well, I'm not producing enough boost to get any...
  6. Anyone know a great auto upholstery shop in Las Vegas?

    Hello. I am looking to have the insert panels/seating surfaces changed on the front and rear seats but keep the rest of the seats as I have the 50 years logo. Also want to change the door inserts as well. Anyone have experience or know of a reputable auto upholstery shop? Thanks.
  7. Whipple with strut bar: engine mounts?

    I was wondering if anybody knows if aftermarket engine mounts will permit the use of strut bar with Whipple supercharger? I like the Whipples but want to keep the strut bar. I know there is a good amount of room between the stock intake manifold and the strut bar. I would like to know how much...
  8. Type of metal in factory exhaust.

    Does anyone know the type of metal used in the factory exhaust system? I am thinking of getting an H pipe, but stainless steel. But if the factory is any less than stainless I may just get aluminized steel. Since I would be keeping the stock under axle pipes.
  9. Exhaust shop recommendations in Las Vegas?

    Anybody in the Las Vegas area know of any great exhaust shops? Preferably one with good TIG welds, a mandrel bender, and extra stainless steel piping. I am looking to get the GT500 mufflers custom welded and an H or X pipe put in. Thanks.
  10. Good exhaust shop in Las Vegas

    Can anyone in the Las Vegas area recommend a great exhaust shop? I am looking to get the GT500 mufflers custom welded and an H or X pipe put in. Thanks.
  11. Attn: Anyone in the NJ/Philaedlphia area...

    Hello. I posted this in the Tri-State boards but no replies. I figure this board gets more viewers, maybe I will get some replies. I am wondering if there is anyone near the Cherry Hill/Voorhees, Marlton/Mt. Laurel area with a Borla S-type, Borla Touring or Corsa Sport catback on their car that...
  12. Anyone with Corsa Sport or Borla S-type?

    Hello. I am wondering if there is anyone near the Cherry Hill/Voorhees, Marlton/Mt. Laurel area with a Borla S-type or Corsa Sport catback on their car that I can listen to in person? I have listened to many videos with these 2 but I think hearing them in person is the best. Sometimes videos...
  13. NT555 G2 reviews?/Nitto/Tire Rack?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this tire? I can't find many reviews on it. Is it a good tire? MPSS are so expensive. Also anyone know why Tire Rack doesn't carry Nitto? I have purchased from them before and had good experience. I figure Nitto is a major brand why Tire Rack doesn't...