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  1. WTB MMD V-Series Hood Scoop in Gloss Black (PC: UA)

    Shipped to 66062! let me know!!! willing to drive 200ish miles if needed.
  2. Aftermarket Sub/amp with 401a

    Hey all, need some advice on adding an additional sub (amp and cap) to my 15GT premium. I've read everything I can (in a short time frame), but most i've found is adding to a shaker system without a sub. My mono amp is a Boston Acoustics GTA800M and has a RCA and Speaker Level inputs...

    Looking for a black GT hood for a project. Willing to travel for the right price. Let me know if anyone has a takeoff somewhere! Thanks
  4. Brake Caliper Color Poll

    Need a vote for Caliper color. 2015 magnetic GT with 20" foundry wheels. Exterior: Tinted windows, headlights, Taillights. My last car had copper and I loved them... Vote away (or post other ideas).
  5. BBC Top Gear = Amazon The Grand Tour

    The boys are back.... [ame]
  6. Automatic Shifter Replacement

    This is a combination of the White Madness Garage Shifter with a stock manual boot. Still pretty new here, but obsessed with simple mods... (move this if need be). I'm not sure how many are interested in this, but as someone who drives with a hand on the gear select, the stock shifter is...
  7. New GT in KC

    Just saying Hey! Bought this 15 GT Premium (and this 15 F150) Spent 8 years on my last forum (lincoln LS) so wanted to get going with this ride, here. Lots to come (hopefully)... thanks for all the info so far. :cheers: