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  1. Florida LTH Long Tube Headers Resonator Delete

    Brand New LTH resonator delete. I sold my GT350 and never got around to installing these. Local sale near central Florida. $230
  2. Florida (2) FL2087 Oil filters

    $40 Note: I bought these when they weren't including the O rings due to supply chain.
  3. Florida Steeda Hood Latch 15-up

    $40 like new.
  4. Florida JLT 3.0 Oil Separator passenger side

    Less than 1000 miles. $125
  5. Florida Ford Performance Blue Coil Covers for GT

    New, never used. $80 shipped
  6. Florida GT350

  7. Florida Jacking point lift blocks for pinch welds 2005-Up

    Save your pinch welds when lifting your car. Brand New, never used. $50 shipped.
  8. Steeda

    Steeda. SOLD
  9. Florida SOLD

    I bought these for my GT350 and during my annual oil change realized they won't fit with my long BMR jacking rails. So, I'm offering them (brand new, never installed) for $250 shipped.
  10. Florida SOLD

  11. I'm sorry, but help me understand.............

    What is this "abortion" of a car all about? I mean, so sad. I love the crooked "shelby" lettering on the fender. Really, no words. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Ford-Mustang-SHELBY-GT-350/124151640721?hash=item1ce803b291:g:WMsAAOSwk9FejSMh
  12. Florida GT350 Shift Knob White

    Brand new, white, GT350 shift knob. I could never get my stock shifter off to even install this. $70 obo shipped and paypal'd
  13. Battery Tender Plus, brand new

    This is a brand new, sealed Battery Tender Plus which I intended to use on a 2nd car which I got rid of. $42 shipped and paypal'd to your door. Thanks for looking
  14. Look what followed me home tonight!

    I'm spontaneous and just joined the forum Monday (I think) and came home with this GT350 tonight. I'm tired, long day of work and about 4 hours at the dealership. I'll have lots of questions to come. But first, does the rear license plate affix with any special screws??? I drove home with...