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  1. A review that’s going to upset some folks

    No surprise, to be honest. Most of the car detailing products are marketed to the extreme, and even the absolute best products barely give you what is claimed. In fact, the majority of products aren't marketed towards professionals and auto detailing hobbyists, they're marketed to new car buyers...
  2. Tire pressure for your daily driving on NT555 G2 35/275R19 and NT555 RII 35/305R19

    I've got 305/45/17 Nitto RII drag radials and run them at 25psi all the time. I don't daily drive my car anymore, but I always run it at that pressure.
  3. radar detectors

    Yea, you'll get that sometimes. Firmware updates help a little, but I do still get some falses on occasion on the max 3.
  4. radar detectors

    I run a Uniden R7 in the mustang, and an escort passport max 3 in my truck. In terms of detection distance, they're pretty similar, but the arrows are very helpful on the R7 to determine where the radar source is coming from.
  5. Boosted Car Peeps - Do You Advertise It Or Not

    I just have a small "supercharged" backer badge that goes under the 5.0 fender badge. Almost no one notices it. The giveaway is really the drag radials in the back.
  6. 3D Printed Engine Bay Parts

    New to 3d printing? Tinkercad is a good first step into modelling, but I highly recommend learning an actual modelling software. Fusion360 is still pretty decent and free for what you need to do. Tinkercad is just extremely limited in what you can do, and doing basic things like chamfering...
  7. Weld Racing - Laguna S108

    Are you actually running hubcentric rings? I've yet to find anything on the market that matches the dimensions of the Weld wheels to mustang's hub. I've got a set of Weld Laguna beadlocks, and most of the consensus seems to say you don't need the hubcentric rings with the weld wheels, but my...
  8. Has anyone used dragracingwheels.com

    Yup. I ordered some weld lagunas and dss half shafts, and they arrived quickly. They shipped via fedex next day after ordering. No complaints here.
  9. Texas Injen Evolution CAI for 2015-2017 EVO9204

    Still available. Make me an offer. Just taking up space in my garage.
  10. Texas Injen Evolution CAI for 2015-2017 EVO9204

    Make me an offer. If interested, send me a PM.
  11. Texas JLT Oil Separator Passenger Side

    Still available. If interested, send me a PM. I'm unsure if it'll fit 2018+. They have two different part numbers for the different gen coyotes, so it might be different length hoses.
  12. Texas Injen Evolution CAI for 2015-2017 EVO9204

    Still available.
  13. Texas JLT Oil Separator Passenger Side

    Still for sale, bump
  14. Texas Injen Evolution CAI for 2015-2017 EVO9204

    For sale is an Injen Evolution CAI. This will be a TUNE REQUIRED intake, as I bored out the restrictor ring inside the intake (that restrictor was designed to make it a non tune required intake). Anyway, the bore measures 106mm, which will be necessary for the tune. Don't need this intake...
  15. Texas JLT Oil Separator Passenger Side

    I've had this for a few years now, dunno how many miles. It's the older JLT catch can but still works great. It would collect a few tablespoons of oil (or whatever) every thousand miles or so. $65 shipped. Easy install.
  16. The whipple wait

    I just got a shipping notification from fedex (4/20/22). Ordered mine Nov 17.
  17. The whipple wait

    Ordered mine on Nov 17. I waited this long, I can wait a couple more weeks.
  18. Black Friday is near! Anything specific you guys would like to see go on sale? Let us know!

    A stage 2 whipple kit would be nice, but doesn't look like they'll be discounted this year.
  19. Front License Lawbreaker!

    I ran no front plates for 3 years until I got pulled over 3 times in a 5 month period for no front plates. It was just a warning/fishing stop, but still an inconvenience every time. So, I just run front plates at all times now. I've got a bracket that runs through the lower grille that I picked...