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  1. Q about front spacers

    How come?
  2. Q about front spacers

    I'm running 25mm on the front and 20mm on the back. All 4 of the tires tread sits inside the wheel wells and I don't get road grime slung onto the car. No rubbing either. Wheel Accessories Parts Set of 2... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TP2SJQV?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  3. Needing help with acm

    Needing help. Don't know where to enter the code.
  4. Needing help with acm

    Was told to go through forscan. I'm just learning the basics of forscan. Haven't tried what you've done but I will be soon. I'll check back in when I have.
  5. Needing help with acm

    Then I'm stumped. Let's see if we can get someone to chime in on this.
  6. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    Yeah, everything is working as it should, and I'm not sweating it. I'll jump through the hoop though.
  7. Shadow Black vs Gloss Black

    @Johnny maverick I'm with you. In the sun, you can see the beautiful blue and dark green metallic flake, but no difference at all in the shade. @Prodigal For most people, they wouldn't notice the difference.
  8. Needing help with acm

    Which integration device are you using, PAC, idata link?
  9. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    Currently no issues or any leaks. I wouldn't doubt it's just a certain #lot that FORD is recalling just to be safe...
  10. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    So according to Safelite, FORD is recalling the glass for the bracket/safety issue. That's all they will say. So of course, the miscommunication between Safelite Corp. and there field techs has now caused me to reschedule another appointment to have my replacement windshield replaced again.
  11. Needing help with acm

    Does adjusting the factory high, mid, bass help at all?
  12. Needing help with acm

    I can't help, but I'm interested to hear from the membership on here. I just got the OBDLINK cable the other day and was about to do the same thing.
  13. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    No signing and no bill to me or my insurance company. As far as NHTSA, I'm not sure. I'll have to check.
  14. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    The tech said Safelight is pulling Carlite OEM glass per Ford. For all of the reasons th OP stated.
  15. FYI On Carlite REPLACEMENT Windshields !!

    I got the phone call last week to set up a time to have it replaced, again! I just had the windshield replaced by Safelight this past November. They used OEM glass, calibrated everything, and life was good. The Tech came out to the house this past Saturday to replace the windshield again. When...
  16. Hot idle noise

    It's an A10. The time that I notice it being the noisiest is when idling after getting on it.
  17. Hot idle noise

    So true. She never let's down even when I don't let off!😎
  18. Hot idle noise

    @AZ_Ryan I here what your saying. This is my first muscle car ever. And honestly, thank you to everyone that chimed in. I gained a lot of insight with this post. I've thought plenty of times that it was just my car that made all these weird noises. I don't have the Mach 1. But the GT PP1 is a...
  19. Corsa xtreme active exhaust Sounds like actuators are rattling

    Hey y'all. I finally swapped out the Active Exhaust tips and mufflers. The original tips rattled to no end and the muffler hanger barbs were bent. Now no more rattling and the mufflers are nice and straight.
  20. Satin White Vs. Satin Black

    I hear ya agmattocks , but I have to go white for the win.