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  1. Exhaust noise

    I do not have active
  2. Exhaust noise

    Sounds almost like a rattle at higher speeds Usually never at low speeds. Idle and reving doesn't trigger it. What's the easiest way to tell if it's the heat shield or something else. Besides the obvious of taking off the heat shield. Borla ATAK Cat-back exhaust
  3. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    So what I'm describing is like a treadmill going left and right at the same pushing and that's what the back felt like with the front drifting to the left. Now it's perfect again, I hit 130 last night and it felt nice and tight and super planted and straight.
  4. Found the problem [ Update ]

    I didn't get any just checked the paperwork, only thing they said was the toe in back was way out of whack and then they adjusted the front some after. Alignment computer [ 4 wheel ] is what it says on the paper, drifting to the left
  5. Found the problem [ Update ]

    All it needed was an alignment and a balance. Drives ridiculously smooth now at 110+. :)
  6. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    It's hard to judge as end of summer months the barrel bent rim started which I was unaware of I thought it was just from an alignment issue till my back right tire had a big bubble on the side wall.
  7. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Ya I need to get a set of all season tires but I travel for industrial work and I'm gone weeks at a time lol so it's on my to do list when I get back this weekend XD
  8. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Eagle F1 super car 3
  9. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Oh really? Was the Ford guys who did it. When I get back from the job I'm on down state I'll lower them.
  10. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    40 psi in both front 38 psi in both back Maybe 400 miles on all 4
  11. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Like if I'm going at it its a lot better but if I'm causing between 80-120 it's like wtf. Way to whishy washy like I'm driving straight and a conveyor belt is going under me sideways but I'm still going straight.
  12. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Eagle F1 super car 3
  13. 80mph + feels really floaty still

    Had a barrel bent rim back passenger, replaced it by Ford to a brand new one. They only charged me 25$ for the tire swap to the new rim. [ paid for the rim ]. I thought that would of solved the float before but for some reason it's still there. Could ford of not done an alignment and or balance...
  14. Hp/torque question

    Hold up 3 pull is only 75$ ? Hot damn I was off, was thinking around 1k $ why I didn't pull the trigger on it.
  15. Hp/torque question

    No clue where I'm at now, can only guess. Hasn't been dynod yet as until I'm running e85/headers/new fuel injectors with the rest of what I have I didn't think it would be worth the $.
  16. Hp/torque question

    Fuel pump good for now. Definitely getting a better one come spring. That's nuts though all that work without even hitting 500rwhp. Though I'm sure a lot of people think they are well over solely because of crank hp. Cams will be after Pro charger as I want to use the $ for front end work/pro...
  17. Hp/torque question

    So barring major under taking I'm going to need the pro charger to get me over 500, though that will put me way over 500, I'm trying to max out full n/a before boosting.
  18. Hp/torque question

    Automatic, what can I do to get over 500rwhp without pro charger. Only thing I'll have left is cams not putting spray on it.
  19. Hp/torque question

    Only 430whp on e85 and full bolt on minus a pro charger ?
  20. Hp/torque question

    Oh it's going to be dyno tested I was just wanting to get a ballpark for the moral boost mainly 😅🤣😂 Next spring Procharger/billet forged/heat treated oil pump and gears/crank sprocket upgrade/custom mix of steeda/bmr suspension going on it as well. Then it will complete.