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  1. RIP Ken Block

    Anita Pointer He just listed people with unfortunate situations in general. Damar Hamlin is also in critical condition.
  2. Florida Ford Performance Blue Coil Covers for GT

    I’ve seen these go for $78.97 at one point. It might have been either CJ’s or LMR.
  3. Virginia $700 Shelby CS-11 Graphite Bullitt Style Wheels

    Sorry to chime in, but like Sierra550 said, get wider tires for a more flush look. I have the same wheels, but in the chrome powder finish. 295 I think is too narrow for an 11 inch wide wheel. I have 315/30/20’s and they’re even with the quarter panel, and the car isn’t lowered. Although the ET...
  4. PICS of Shelby CS-11 wheels on 2019 Bullitt.

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but the OP says he confirmed CJ Pony parts claimed weight of 27 lbs. for the fronts and 29 for the rears. I weighed mine several times and lightest I got was 31 lbs. for the lighter of the 2 fronts, and 33.6 for the lighter of the 2 rears. They seem more in line...
  5. 2023 Florida Special Edition GT

    I just want to say you have one of the best looking S550 Mustangs I've seen. It's not overly done, it's subtle, but still can turn heads. What you did looks like what can be offered from the factory. I also have a red GT convertible, except it's a 2015 and has the 50 years appearance package. It...
  6. Steeda McQueen 20” Wheels... available!!!!

    The weight of the Steeda wheels are similar to OEM. The OEM 20x9 is just over 35 lbs. The Steeda McQueens are the same and also wider, so not too bad. Yes the 315/35/20 is almost 2 inches higher than OEM height. I would go with a 315 in a 30 profile. The diameter is only slightly larger than...
  7. Ford officially rules out a GT500 convertible.

    I hope you’re joking. The 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible is one of the rarest muscle cars and commands a high price value.
  8. McQueen Racing Mulholland Wheels [Steeda]

    Wow this post is 2 weeks old and no replies. Especially with all the people who have been waiting for this wheel, I thought this thread would be the top post for a while. Maybe I will give it a nice bump. Anyway I am glad this wheel finally made it and appreciate all the time and effort it took...
  9. 2019 GT feels sluggish!

    Wow not until 4k rpm? Mine comes in sooner than that. From a standing start, when it hits about 2500 rpm at WOT, the tires slip and hop like crazy. I've always had 4 cylinder engines before this Mustang, except the Chevelle back in high school. I shouldn't have to rev out a V8 all the time to...
  10. OEM Mustang Trunk Mat...

    2 options you can try which I did and use for posters also. Lay it on the floor and place some weighted objects on it. Or to speed it up, roll it the other way and put it back in the box for a little.
  11. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    Thank you Chris. That's all I needed to hear. This is probably the best answer anyone can give, along with the picture of the pallets. Thank you very much. You're much appreciated. Since this thread is suppose to be about another type of wheel, I too look forward to this reveal on 9.7.2021. It's...
  12. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    When I first saw the thread title, I thought it was about the R5 wheels myself. I have been following this situation ever since the Steve McQueen editions came out and the idea of selling the wheels were in the future plans. It had been going back and forth between producing them, and not...
  13. Got my cobra r good on

    It seems the hood and front bumper misalignment is only with the 2018 and up models. I don’t see this issue with the hoods for the 2015-2017 models. It could be because the 2018+ cars front end slopes down more. It was probably more difficult to match that and the hood maybe has too aggressive...
  14. Curious - are there Ford or aftermarket S550 convertible tops that aren't black?

    I actually was thinking about getting a white top. I have a red with 50 years package, so it has the chrome trim in the grille and around the tail lights. The white top would round out the classic look. I also wanted to do a two tone interior like the 50th anniversary editions.
  15. Bullitt AfterMarket Wheels Suggestions?

    Whenever this thread is bumped, I’m hoping it’s news on the Steeda R5 wheels.
  16. Torq Thrust Wheels

    Actually if you look back at Steeda’s picture posted in their past Valentine’s sale ad, there’s a wheel there very similar. I couldn’t find it on their site. I messaged Steeda on Instagram about where to find it. I haven’t gotten a reply yet.
  17. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    My reasons are more why I got the Mustang, as oppsed to why I didn't get the Camaro. Please keep in mind I got a 2015, so the reasons pertain to that time period. 1. Retro look: I got the 50 years package, so it has the chrome trim around the taillights and the chrome corral grille. 2. Interior...
  18. Bullitt AfterMarket Wheels Suggestions?

    Is that the correct email address? I sent an email, and it was returned undeliverable.
  19. Coyote Exhaust Note

    I would think overseas would be less restrictive. I mean look at the emission and crash standards cars need to pass before selling in the U.S. Anway I believe chambered mufflers work well in obtaining that deep sound. I have the 2011/12 GT500 mufflers with an MRT H-pipe. This combo gets very...