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  1. Talked to Fore about E85/pump maintenance recommendations,thoughts?

    I emailed Fore innovations about E85 maintenance recommendations. I will attach the email. They also sent me a PDF file on how to maintain the vehicle for 85. I also found a video on YouTube of Palm Beach Dyno and their 85 maintenance issues they ran into. This is the video :
  2. Damn just got a check engine light 4 codes please help !

    My car out of the blue just got a check engine light with four codes. Can someone please tell me what the issues are? I’m at the gym parking lot should I drive home or get the car towed??
  3. I know the S550s can’t do the cam chop but is there anyway to get it to chop? Not tune chop.

    I’ve always loved the chop camming sound. Is there anyway to get it to chop? I don’t like the tune chopping tho.
  4. No lift shift ? How bad is it for stock trans/ clutch vs aftermarket ?

    How often do you do it ? Is it really that bad ? I heard it’s a good way to destroy your transmission and clutch. Is this true? I have a stage 3 Mt82 and a Mclead twin disk clutch.
  5. How much power can a newer charger Hellcat power train handle before it grenades or starts to fall apart ?

    I see them around and anytime I’ve raced one I’ve won. I just don’t know much about their transmissions and engines and were they max out at. Mopar owners make it sound like they can go unlimited 😂
  6. Comparing GEN 3 Coyote Engine to Gen 2 Coyote Engine: Which Prevails and Why?

    Which is the better engine? Pros and cons. 🍿
  7. Procharged w/fuel system running E85, how to safely pulley down and switch to 93?

    I have been reading a thread about how bad E85 can be for your motor and I wanted to switch to 93 octane for at least a couple tanks to clean everything out. I have a p1X and an l2 fore fuel system. I’m running about 22psi of boost. How do I swap out the fuel? Do I have to drain the tank or...
  8. Help. Check engine light P1450

    I just got a check engine light a p1450. My mods are below I’m running E85. My RTD device says it’s fuel related. I test my E85 per fill up. What caused this and how do I fix it?
  9. Tick Performance T56 VS Ben Callimer Stage 3 transmission ?

    I don’t hear anyone talking about the tick performance T56 transmission. I wonder how it compares to the more common Ben callimer stage 3 trans. What are your thoughts? https://www.tickperformance.com/level-5-t56-super-magnum-xl/
  10. What did I do wrong ? Why would these 2 bolts back out on their own ? Video included

    I installed a hub assembly a couple months back. I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong .. did I need a certain lubricant or thread lock that I should have used for those 2 bolts ? Also, when I remove the tire, some dirty water dripped out so I guess the rain got in there because it was loose...
  11. A/C is warm, anyway to check the level or just go buy some refrigerant?

    My AC is warm. It was cold the last time I drove the car. It has been over a month since I last drove it. I did have my AC clutch replaced about a year ago so I know it’s not that. is there a way to check the refrigerant level? Or do I just buy one of those cans and refill? Any advice or what...
  12. Why do my rear studs keep breaking off?? They’re torqued to spec!

    This has happened twice. I don’t understand why my rear studs break off there has to be something going on. They’re torqued to spec I’m 100 percent sure. Could it be these rims?
  13. I need to remove my dipstick tube so I can remove valve cover. My tube looks different help?

    I’m swapping out my valve covers and I’m having trouble removing my dipstick tube. There are no tabs and it is black. The ones I’ve seen on here have yellow tabs. I have a gen 3 alluminator if that helps
  14. What’s the difference between the VVT solenoid and the VCT solenoid? Links included.

    What is the difference between these two solenoids? Why does the Ford performance say that it’s track only? VVT: https://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-vvt-variable-valve-timing-solenoid-918-000.html VCT (says track only what’s the difference?)...
  15. Is it true that the auto is made faster than the 6M because of fuel economy?

    I ran across this video he says the auto makes more torque than the manual and is geared shorter: Is anything he says in this video true?
  16. Found oil leaking onto headers? What causes this? No check engine light.

    I did a couple passes and I guess because of the pressure oil started leaking. I found the leak. I have a breather I thought the oil came thru that but it didn’t. Why does this happen ? Is this normal ? What can I do to prevent this from happening ? I have a breather and two catch cans why...
  17. Anyone MANUAL with abt 800WHP with good street traction? What’s your setup? For dig & roll.

    What helped ? What rear wheel/tire setup? Any suspension mods help? Straight line traction 30-40-60 rolls I know a dig is impossible ?
  18. I have an RTD device. Is there a phone app I can use to data log? I want to see the data log not send it to a tuner.

    Anyone know if there is an app that’s compatible with the RTD device i can use to data log?
  19. Is it harmful to rev your engine while stopped with FI?

    Every time I go out somewhere, there’s always kids and just random people telling me to rev it. Is it harmful if I do rev it? Or does it not effect anything? While stopped or in neutral ?
  20. Is it ok to lift rear of Mustang using a jack below the rear differential ?

    I wanted to change my differential oil and I know the car has to be leveled for that I only have two jackstands and one floor jack Can I lift the rear with my 3 ton floor jack and two jackstands in the front? Or should I buy more jackstands or maybe another Jack?