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  1. Florida Almost New Ford Mustang tires/wheels 19" set of 4 255/40 ZR Pirelli 110 miles (Broward County)

    Only have 110 miles on it. Comes with built in TPMS sensors and all lug nuts. Wheels were taken off a new Ford Mustang GT 2022. Should fit earlier models, too. For picking up only, no shipping. Broward County Florida (Fort Lauderdale/Oakland Park area) Asking $999
  2. The End

    I was involved in a multi car accident this morning on I-95, Broward County Florida. Car is totaled. I dream you had/owned can be taken away in a matter of seconds. Goodbye Mustang. Goodbye chat. It was fun being here while it lasted. EDIT: Video removed
  3. SYNC 3 Software Update available

    Got this in my email today.
  4. Charts created from OBDLink data (created with R, ggplot2)

    I collected some data from a 40 min trip home (torque/rpm). Mostly highway (about 35 mins). Interesting stuff. Had an encounter with a Honda who insisted to to race me. My Windows tablet was running in the backseat. The curve is "best fit" and not the same as on a dyno.
  5. "Ford Roadside Assistance" none existent!

    Ford Mustang 2021 GT, 5.8k miles So, today I was about to leave my home when I found out my car battery was dead. Not one peep coming from the car. Tried to charge it but wasn't able to hold the charge, tried 3 times, even retightening the cables, etc. Had my neighbor to hook up his gadget...
  6. FORScan message: "Unable to identify vehicle"

    Hello, today I learned something new regarding my FORScan setup. Scenario: - Old laptop with FORScan installed and car profile saved (!) - New laptop with fresh install of FORScan, no profile saved (yet) - Car has custom tune (after last FORScan profile was saved to old laptop) So, went to the...
  7. "Pre-collision assist not available" message

    Yesterday and today, I made a right turn (shouldn't matter) and instantly floored it, Each time the "Pre-collision assist not available" message came on and car went into limp mode. Had to pull over somewhere and wait a couple of minutes for it to reset. Today I turned off the Pre-collision...
  8. How to change background in Sync.. (at your own risk)

    December 15th, 2021 All of this I found online, no code etc. was developed by me. It's all available for free. Except the FORscan adapter, USB stick(s), and a laptop you will need. WARNING: only proceed if you want to "root", "jailbreak" (or whatever you want to call it) your Sync display. I...
  9. The real M1

    The real M1 is a BMW, and it was beautiful.
  10. Forscan BCM missing (GT Premium 2021)

    Hello, I am using Forscan 2.3.44 and can't locate the BCM module. Adapter: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081VQVD3F?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details Screenshot from what I am looking at: Researched everywhere, can't find BCM. Any idea? Thank you in advance!
  11. Mustang GT Premium 2021 wheel/tire question.. (blues)

    Hello, I am currently driving an ECO 2017 but I am upgrading to a GT in a week or so. I would like to upgrade the stock wheel/tires to something "bigger". I put this together and my question is if this would fit a Mustang GT 2021 with no further mods needed (spacers, etc.) Front wheels/tires...