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  1. Stumbles at idle

    I am thinking this may be normal, but gonna ask. So my car will stumble a bit sometimes after first starting it, only at idle and the car is warm. Never does this while underway and does not do this again if I come to a stop and idle. It has never died and no check engine lights. 100 percent...
  2. UPR drain plug

    What happened to the thread where we were sharing about our issues with UPR drain plug? UPR puts up a post defending their plug and our thread gets deleted? I sure hope I am wrong.
  3. Trailering

    Getting ready to buy a open trailer and wondering about the best tie down points. Noticed some of the vendors sell tie down brackets that bolt to the underside of the car. Seems like a good idea to me, what ya all think? Thanks
  4. Tow hook

    What is the consensus on RPI Desgins tow hooks versus the ZL1? Looks like the RPI might be easier to install.
  5. Enclosed trailer

    I did a search, but the results seem to have weight restrictons. I have a diesel truck, so thats not a problem. Of course cost is a consideration, but you get what you pay for. So whats a good enclosed trailer for our cars? Ease of loading and useful features matter to me. I do not need the...
  6. California Adjustable strut mount plates GT350

    Brand new in the box, all hardware and directions. $300 plus shipping
  7. Adjustable strut top mounts

    Finally got my dealer to find my strut mounts that came with the handling package. Now,, I am not sure if I trust them to install them since they have played so dumb on this thing. I am thinking I will pick up the parts, but maybe not put them on right now. I may never track the car, or it wont...
  8. Dealer feedback for Orange county, so cal

    Bought my car at Villa Ford in Tustin, Ca. In Orange county. Looking for some feedback for this dealer. The handling package was not dealer installed and debating if I want to have them do it. Dealers scare me. Thanks in advance.
  9. TPMS

    i need a set of tie pressure sensors and I think these are correct. But I noticed there appears to be two frequencies. I think these are correct. Anyone know? Thanks https://www.tpms.com/Ford-TPMS-Huf-IntelliSens-Sensor-Set-F2GZ-p/h0064set-ford.htm
  10. Looking for a set of factory wheels

    Anyone have a factory set of wheels they want to sell? I am located in So Cal. Thanks
  11. Engine oil

    Not looking for an oil debate, just some feed back. I normally run Mobil 1 in all my vehicles. I was hoping to run Mobil 1 15/50 but it does not meet the Ford spec, maybe just because of viscosity? I would assume the Motorcraft 5/50 is a good oil. Anyone use anything else that is Ford...