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  1. Bulletproof Proof?

    We've all heard the claim. Now here's a bit of proof. On a recent road trip, a fellow member of this forum, who for the time being shall remain nameless, rented a 2015 Mustang GT PP with MT from a private owner about 400 miles from me. His trip included a layover at my place after which he was...
  2. Team Ford Las Vegas - Anyone have experience with them?

    Trying to work a deal with them. Seem to be getting played. Anyone else have any insights on buying a car from them?
  3. It was one helluva run.

    For those of us that tracked production schedules in the past and for those in the future, we lost a key resource today.
  4. Price Protection. Did you get yours?

    With the flush of cars being produced to finish out the 2022 year I am curious to see how many people are successfully or unsuccessfully getting PP. Tell us your story here past or present. This thread is from 15 months ago. I have not heard of any changes to this policy. What sayest ye...
  5. Will it ever end?

    The latest insight on supply chain issues from Ford Authority. Looks like Ford will be scrambling this winter. https://fordauthority.com/2022/08/ford-production-could-be-impacted-by-european-energy-crisis/
  6. Ford Layoffs

    Looks like the Ford Blue division is about to take a hit. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a40669316/ford-layoffs-to-fund-evs/
  7. So just what is the hold up for the Mach 1 HP orders?

    Various posts on this site seem to indicate that some regional sales reps and dealers are saying that removing the HP from orders for both Mach 1 and GT 500 orders will result in expedited build times. From what I can see the common threads are the Gurney Flap and the adjustable strut top...
  8. Has the ICE been given a reprieve?

    At the risk of pissing off the mods with a thread that could be considered political, could today's West Virginia victory in the Supreme Court postpone the demise of the internal combustion engine?
  9. Garage/Workshop Wish List Advice

    Starting to get serious about building a detached garage. Thinking something along the lines of a 40x40 combination workshop and toy storage. The size is not yet locked in stone so if you have any insight about how much difference a few more feet of length or width might provide I'm all ears...
  10. What's the Over/Under?

    In the spirit of March Madness what do you think the over/under is on taking delivery of a '22 Mach 1 HP auto with everything but Recaros and red brakes in Eruption Green by the Fourth of July? Car was ordered with Chapman last week of December. Priority code 17.
  11. Eruption Green Mustang Sighting = Road Trip Rationalization

    Hopefully it won't be too long before EG Mustangs are actually hitting the dealerships. While I have seen an actual Eruption Green Bronco in person I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see how a Mustang shows it's lines off in EG. When you know of one might you be so kind as to share...
  12. Stripeless Mach 1 - Cost to Restripe

    Not a big fan of the latest rendition of the Mach 1 stripe scheme. I was contemplating the removal of at least the hood stripe. Might have to rethink and see if it will grow on me over time given the price for the stripes alone as provided from the folks at Levittown. MR3Z-9920000-AA Decal -...