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  1. Exhaust sound

    do you have those exhaust clamps with the little piece of black tar in them?
  2. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    yep you nailed it, its less power per unit volume but its stable at a much higher volume. So the total power in the cylinder is more. its also more all the time, i used stoich as an example but it holds true at power enrich too.
  3. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    its linear though, so if its more at stoich its more at PE. More all the time.
  4. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    no you didn't do it right. do this math for ethanol and gasoline: https://forum.hptuners.com/showthread.php?103455-WMI-on-a-NA-motor-reasonable-or-wasteful&p=735061&viewfull=1#post735061 gasoline = 18.4k btu/lb, gasoline stoich = 14.7:1 ethanol = 11.5k btu/lb, ethanol stoich = 9:1 at an...
  5. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    No you’ll make more power at the same timing, there is more energy in the cylinder when running ethanol. Take a second and look up the energy per unit volume of the two fuels, then calculate the total energy at the two stoich afrs.
  6. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    If you're gonna be snarky you need to be correct. ethanol makes more power even at the same timing, its always a good choice.
  7. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    Ethanol makes more power even at a fixed timing when compared to gasoline. If you disabled timing advance on your car, filled with 91 and did a dyno run and then filled with enough ethanol to make e30 and did another dyno run you would make more power on ethanol. Ethanol isn't just an octane...
  8. Tuned GT Question

    Ford being unable to communicate with the car indicates a larger failure than a tune. Ford can reflash a car that's been tuned. I'd definitely want the dealer who sold the car to me to make this right.
  9. Change differential 3.15 on 3.55.

    It’s very simple, that’s about a 12% increase, so all of your gears will require 12% more engine speed for a given wheel speed. As an example: if 3rd gear used to be 30mph at 2k rpm then after the change it will be 2250 rpm at 30 mph.
  10. I am on the verge of selling my Mustang guys...

    an M2 is a bargain to maintain compared to that 911 you're considering. My coworker had one with the intention of doing headers and an exhaust. Those two parts were $7k each before labor. Ended up selling the car for a ZL1 but for unrelated reasons. The truth of the matter is however, if...
  11. Disable Active Exhaust

    no if its disabled there wont be codes, but your issue is likely that your H-pipe is too long. Check the clearance from the connector to the pinch welds. If its tight , cut an inch off the h-pipe
  12. Disable Active Exhaust

    All tuning software will allow you disable this with one switch.
  13. Does Ford Have a Mustang Surprise for the 60th Anniversary?

  14. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    If the car is running with an error in its o2 sensor feedback, it can be tuned out without realizing. You can adjust WOT lambda and the MAF curve to "fix" what it actually an error elsewhere. I have a 21 year old BMW sedan that uses the downstream O2 sensors for fueling adjustments exactly...
  15. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    So the conclusion is: if your fuel trims are good and you haven't mucked with the MAF curve then you can sleep easy. The holy grail would be to find out how to alter the downstream O2 sensor biasing system to apply 0 offset in all scenarios. Then we can leave FAOSC on and be "ready".
  16. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    I understand now I was way off base you are completely correct you can see this in the fuel trims. I was thinking that it wouldn't be possible to see this error in fuel trims because I forgot that the ECM knows how much fuel it should be delivering for a set airflow. The amount of fuel to hit a...
  17. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    I’ve thought the same thing but I have no way to prove it. welding in a second wideband would probably do the trick
  18. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    Interesting! Appreciate the response! So the belief is that if this individual had kept running the car the trims would have gone back to 0 as the bias was applied to the 02 sensor reading and the error was obfuscated into the lambda sensor bias? I think where I'm getting hung up on is if the...
  19. Catless and the imfamous CEL

    This interests me greatly, because if I'm understanding you right this is a real 10-15% error not just 10-15% fuel trim. That concerns me, as if I'm not mistaken, that will make us 10-15% lean. The thing I'm not understanding is if this is true, I would think there would be a clear link between...
  20. JLT CAI withOUT a tune?

    not much restriction in the stock intake