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  1. Should I be concerned? Cylinder Head temp fluctuation

    As long as there is no drop in overall water level you should be OK. Report it to the dealer for the next service, they may replace the thermostat.
  2. New pads for Brembos

    I'd also reach out the Disc Brakes Australia. I've been happy with performance, feel and lower dust levels, after updating to T3 discs and pads.
  3. Cat-back exhaust

    Been very happy with the Cobb V2 with custom tune.
  4. Cat-Back v2 for Ecoboost question

    Going to suggest you post this question directly on the Cobb website, they are very responsive there. BTW very happy with my V2 on my 2017 coupe.
  5. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Not just kids; one of us, one of us......
  6. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Fitted a set of these with my son for a bit of diversional therapy (he's had some stuff lately) - 2X LED Puddle Light Side Mirror Logo Projector Lights for FORD Mustang 2013-2024 - Etsy Australia Was pleasantly surprised by the fit, adjustability and the tools supplied with the kit. A 15 minute...
  7. Heater Control Issue- warm air always flowing through vents

    The hot air on one side of the car is typically the aircon condenser. It's been a fairly common issue in early year S550's and was often caught under warranty and sometimes needed more than one 'fix'. NB. It's a 'dash out' job, so good luck, if that's the call.
  8. Gt350 Track pack spoiler with wicker bill

    Put my money down on the Anderson Composites version: https://andersoncomposites.com/collections/all/products/2015-2016-mustang-track-pack-style-spoiler-with-adjustable-wickerbill Happy to this day.
  9. Intermittent Dead Clutch Pedal

    I've experienced this in my 2017 Ecoboost too but very intermittently; sometimes during a long drive through traffic 1-2 hours, other times first drive from home. Typically I've just hooked the pedal back up and situation normal. No signs of leaks or poor clutch performance. Mentally I'd put...
  10. What Upgrades/Mods are you going to do to your Mustang?

    I've been very happy with my Tickford tuned H&R Coilovers.
  11. Recall 23C35 Query?

    Writing from Australia I can relate to dealer confusion over recalls. I booked my car in for a recall over the reversing camera cable 8+ weeks ago, assuming this would be enough time to organise parts (& return from overseas holiday). Car went in on Friday, call came in to collect car in the...
  12. How is your Aftermarket Intercooler on Your EcoBoost?

    I have the Cobb intercooler. I see charge temperature fall more quickly, after being stopped in traffic and generally more consistent temperatures on this measure. This probably contributes to some improvements in the areas you're looking at but I think consistency is what you will see day to...
  13. Getting a tune done at some stage

    Have a look on the Cobb site for AU dealers that are local to you, I shopped around till I found someone I was comfortable with. The guys at Cobb US are great but there can be issues with our fuels and the standard Cobb tunes. There are some physical restrictions with the RHD setup too around...
  14. Battery advice

    While you're looking closely at the battery, best check the cables. The insulation on my 2017 was shot after a few years with heaps of corrosion, causing symptoms similar to what you described. Once the car was started, the dealer replaced both the cables under warranty.
  15. 2014-2017 Ford Mustang safety recall

    Thanks for the VIN list. My car is there but I had the camera and cables replaced under warranty, so not sure where this will go.
  16. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    I was initially unsure what to do with this information; then I drove on Sydney roads.......
  17. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    I've just had my front wheel bearings & hubs replaced at 107k km. Initally, I felt it as a grinding under braking front driver side but while it was being diagnosed & waiting for parts, it manifested itself once as a bounce/thumping at highway speed, after an hour or so of running. My mechanic...
  18. Using Maps/Sync3?

    With added wireless Motorola MA1 convenience: https://plus.telstra.com.au/rewards/explore/22770
  19. IAT with upgraded IC

    Not having a go here but is your measuring device set to degrees C rather than degrees F?