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  1. Front indicator issue

    Help.....Hi all, I am having indicator issues on my 2016 Mustang on the drivers side front. The indicator stops working intermittently. It's actually been happening for awhile but didn't realise, however now it happens a lot more frequently. I can tell its happening as the indicator light hyper...
  2. 2014-2017 Ford Mustang safety recall

    Just read this https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/motoring-news/20142017-ford-mustang-slapped-with-safety-recall/news-story/98f72820b517803b2ea247652d3d936d
  3. Forum issue Error 522

    Help, I've been having lots of trouble accessing the forum lately. I keep getting the following messages, anyone else get this, suggestions to fix.....its driving me crazy. I've posted in admin area but got no response......help me Obi Wan Kenobi....your my only hope.
  4. Error 522 connection timed out

    Is there a forum server issue? I Keep getting this error 522 connection timed out and it is saying it's a host issue. I also keep getting a pop up error saying, oops we've run into some problems blah blah. Anyone else getting this as the site is getting unusable for me almost....very frustrating
  5. Wheel bearing failure?

    I posted this message in another thread but thought I'd ask in our local. Premature failure of the bearings is apparently common. I've had my rear LH wheel bearing replace twice already, once at 31000km and once at 41000km. I actually think I'm about to do a third one, LHR again, at 53000km...
  6. Wiper blades replacement

    Has anyone replaced their wiper blades. It turns out you have to replace the whole arm. Hope you are sitting down as the local Ford dealer quoted me $198 for a pair WFT!!!!! Of course I said no thanks. What have others done.... will look around.
  7. Brake pad recommendation

    Hi any recommendations for replacing pads on 2017 GT. I'm not unhappy with OEM but looking at options. My car is a daily driver.
  8. Drivers side heated seat not working

    Just noticed that my drivers side heated seat wasn't working:brokenheart:. The passenger side is working perfectly. ......any one have this issue. ....any ideas.:confused:
  9. Climate control

    I've had a brain fade......to ensue recirclated air is on ......does the yellow light need to be on :doh::headbonk:
  10. Recommend Paint Shop in Adelaide

    Hi can anyone recommend a paint shop in Adelaide that they would trust to paint their S550 Mustang.
  11. Cold air intakes

    Hi lve been considering CAI that doesn't need a tune. I was looking at the Roush and considered getting one. After doing some researching on the forum im now not sure if its worth even getting one, regardless of brand. What options have some of the guys on here gone with. Thanks :cheers:
  12. Replacement tyres for stock GT wheels

    Hi my stock GT tyres don't have much life left so I'm keen to hear suggestions from those who have already replaced their's. I don't mind the current ones but I would prefer a bit more longevity as these will be lucky to last 15000 km of normal driving (not sideways and smoking everywhere )
  13. Coolant

    Hey does anyone know what type of coolant is in the mustang and brand. Mine is getting a bit low and i want to top it up Cheers
  14. what's happened to the forum

    What's happening with the forum. Yesterday was fine but today Crap! What the hell have they done to the format, it is shocking to view on my phone.....change it back.
  15. Adelaide South Australia RHD Mustang deliveries 31 dec 2015

    The first 2 RHD Mustangs delivery to Adrian Brien Ford Adelaide South Australia
  16. Australian in Orlando Florida

    Ive been in America for 6 days and loving it. As you may appreciate we have no rhd gen6 mustangs in Australia yet. I've ordered a black gt 5.0 fastback and have about a year wait. So while I've been here I've been keeping my eye open for mustangs and have been thrilled to see 30 so far. ....5...