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  1. GT500 Dealer Brochures

    I have a couple Dealer Brochures for 2021 (2)and 2022 (0) GT500 if anyone is interested. Just pay for mailing cost, Send me a PM. 22 brochures are gone ,
  2. Bolton, MA area

    Any GT350 owners in or near Bolton MA?. My buddy moved there recently and looking for others in area.
  3. Local Group

    Merry Christmas to all. Over the last 2 years I have met quite a few GT 350 owners. There are 4 of us who are close and do a lot of drives and events together here in northern Delaware. One of the guys in the group has been doing some youtube videos (truccispeed) and we said he needs to...
  4. Got a surprize today

    My friend owns a Ford dealership and sent this to me via my son in law. I think its a paper weight as its heavy. Pretty cool item.
  5. Delaware Business Card Holder

    Lightly used, can wall mount or place on desk / counter. PM me an offer.
  6. 2019 Bullitt poster

    All, Remodling my garage and have a 2019 Bullitt Poster available to anyone who is interested. I don't own a Bullitt so would like to see it go to a Bullitt owner. Poster is from local Ford Dealer. Owner is a friend of the family and I got it back when I bought my Shelby. Poster is a...
  7. Dealer shout out and Thank You

    I was at my dealer on Wednesday to have new tires installed on our F250. They were able to get Michelin tires that were on BO everywhere else. While there I saw a GT350 coffee mug in their display case. When my truck was ready I asked the service manager about purchasing a mug. After a bit of...
  8. Dearborn Fire Department Extracation Vehicle

    Don't know if anyone saw this but Anybody looking for parts
  9. Rare GT 350s coming up for sale in July

    The John Atzbach collection will be going on sale in July at Mecum auctions Indy. Some very nice cars. https://drive.mecum.com/webmail/591971/526048914/04b1401af80aacb6eff552230116d01135fdf3b40765c47201de2ca312a5a20c
  10. 2019 final production numbers

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the final production data numbers are out yet for 2019 model year? Or if they are where to find them. Thanks
  11. Track Attack 2020

    Looks like Charlotte Motor Speedway will be the new site for the for performance racing school on the east coast. http://fordauthority.com/2019/07/ford-performance-racing-school-moves-to-north-carolina/
  12. 2019 Shelby GT350 Dealer Poster

    I have 2 of these 2019 Dealer Posters. No frames. Free just pay for shipping.